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 Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood]

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Character Information
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PostSubject: Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood]   Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood] EmptyFri Oct 12, 2012 3:50 am

Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood] Animeboy1680x1050theanimegallerycomhotcuteanimeguys1680x1050wallpaper_wwwwallpaperfocom_84_zps90b84148


Full Name:
Zekaire Azure

Frost-Flame Dragon



Birth place:

Dragons Blood


True Dragon

Enjoys traveling and seeing new places. But his main reason for doing so is to become stronger and to unlock his old powers. He searches for stronger oponents to do battle with in hopes that he can unseal his former power. Not to mention he enjoys the thrill of battle.

Smoothe Talker - Seems to be good at talking his way into and out of situations as he see's fit. Always seems to know just the right thing to say to get what he wants.


Most of his family parished after he left him his home to do some traveling. A strange illness had taken root in his hometown , and from what he has found there was not a single person to survive. The only reason he rules it as illness is because some people had already been buried and of the bodies that remained there were no signs of battle or foul play.

Gillion - A small town in the mountains of Helios. The inhabitants have since passed away and the town is little more than a ghost town full of graves and memories now.

Back story:
Born in a small town in the mountains he was raised from an early age to help provide for the village and those around him. While he was still young the village came under attack by a group of bandits. The bandits slaughtered a few of the villagers and demanded that when they return , the village offer up either money or food as a fee for their "kindness". While the town scrambled to prepare some kind of offering Zekaire began to train himself in the ways of the sword. He had help from a traveler who happened to be in the area.

Over the course of a week Zekaire offered food to the traveler and in turn was tought how to defend himself with a blade. Putting his soul into his training for that week he was able to make alot of progress down the road of a swordsman , but little did he know that one blade from a boy of his age would do little stop a group of bandits. But he would make his attempt anyways.

Within a week the group of bandits returned , as they had said. The village had its offering of food ready for them. Before they could leave however Zekaire challenged them to combat. Laughing the bandits tortured the boy , beating him into submission while the village did little more than watch. Finally , the boys father stopped the assult after it had gone far enough , to keep them from killing his boy. The bandits finally left , but declared that they would return for another payment within a month.

The village spent that month putting aside some of their food and money so that they could meet the payment when the men returned , though in the back of their minds they all hoped that the group would never return. Zekaire however , knew better. He started to travel looking for a way to become stronger when he encounted the traveler from before who had trained him. The man offered him a way to gain that power. That way was to take the blood of the dragon , therefore pledging his life the faction known as "Dragons Blood".

Unknowing of what the rest of the world was like, the young Zekaire gladly took on this deal. In a short amount of time he found himself taking the pledge and being infused with the blood of the dragon. The dragons name was Savage Blood , however there was a strange voice in the back of Zekaires head talking to him , but it wasnt the voice of Savage. Upon his infusion Zekaires element was found to be that of Ice , and he could feel a new power flowing through his Viens. He was allowed to return to his home and defend the village under 2 conditions. The bandits must be killed , if none were allowed to live it would complete his "Blood Rite". Secondly once the task was done he would leave the village , and do the bidding of the Dragons Blood faction.

His newfound power allowed him to rip apart the formerly unbeatable bandits. And it only took him a matter of moments. This experince made him feel all powerful , a feeling that would be quickly removed once his training began. He vowed to his village that he would return once he learned more of the world.

He spent the next year training , quickly moving his way through the ranks and seeming to master the power of the dragon much faster than others in the group. He even grew to his second form faster than the others. Within that year Savage Blood named him "True Dragon" and he was allowed to leave and do of his own free will.

The first task he set out on was to find the source of the voice that he had heard all this time. This voice had become his friend and helped guide him along the correct path. To support his travels he sold his power to those in need , which brought him into a number of conflicts. All of which he was able to resolve without much use of his power.

Finally he reached a foreign land , across the ocean. The home of the Trade Federation treated him well. Money was plentiful and there always seemed to be more to do. People here always needed help which made travel from place to place even easier. Eventually he found himself atop an icey mountain , in search of the owner of the voice. To his suprise it was a Ice Dragon Hatchling named Hyion. And although it was their first time meeting in person , it seemed like that had always known one another. Hyion was a female dragon as he found out , which explained why the voice had always sounded so soothing. Hyion was still tiny , but old enough to leave its home at this point. And with that , the two's adventures had only just begun.

However not long after meeting Hyion , Zekaire encountered a strange man dressed in black. The man had red markings along his eyes with silver hair. A very unique individual. And a face he would never forget. The man in black used some kind of special ability to seal away Zekaire's powers. Although he could still use the first rank of his transformation , no longer could he take the form of the half dragon or have access to its benifits. The man dissappeared not long after but of one thing Zekaire was sure. This man was extremly dangerous. Simply being around him caused him a fear like he had never known.

Savage blood allowed Zekaire to keep his rank but tasked him with the mission of finding a way to restore his powers. He was not to return to Dragons Nest until he had done so , unless Savage Blood himself requested it. However whatever had been done to him had Severed the connection with Savage blood and Zekaire could now only hear Hyion's voice. It had taken a few weeks for Savage's voice to fade , it was during that time that he was given his orders. Ever since that time , he has been searching for a way to undo his past , and once again awaken his powers......


Sex: Male
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 195
Build: Skinny/Muscular
Skin: White
Hair: Light Blue
Eyes: Light Blue
Left/Right Handed: Right Handed
How does s/he dress:
He has a unique way of dressing that some find to be a tad disturbing. However he does it so that his image is easily found. No one ever questions that he is who he says due to the fact that he looks so much different from everyone else.

He has many of them , aside from the assortment of chains he wears he also is usually seen with an eyepatch.

From a distance he appears very confident in himself. Its shown in the way he walks and the way he talks. Some people would view his attitude as being on the verge of cockiness. However his kind hearted nature will show through keeping him from overwheling people with his confidence.

Rough/Young - Although he sounds abit on the rough side you can still hear hints of his young age within it , though when he is mad or serious its seems to fade a little , some have said that even his voice contains the "chill of ice"


~What does this character think/feel about~
The opposite sex: Depends on how strong they are.
Politics: No Interest
Religion:No Interest
Science: No Interest
Drugs and alcohol: No Interest
Killing/Murder: You cant ever fight the dead again.
Life: Worth Living
Death: Should be avoided
Society: No Interest
Personality: Finds some personalities more enjoyable than others.
State of the world:Wants to help it improve.
Their own Faction: Does not approve of their methods but cannot help but like them because they helped him long ago.

~Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes~

Secret desires: To Leave Dragons Blood
How do they express themselves: Through Combat. Quick to anger.
Most at ease when: Fighting. Relaxing in a cold place.
Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Silver Tounged. Can talk his way into or out of almost any situation. Has been known to charge for overpriced serverices , but never dissapoints.
Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: He has a quick temper and can be angered by some of the most random things. Once his fuse starts to burn it can be hard to calm him down again. However reciently Hyion has acted as a measure to prevent his outbursts. Since she can commune with him telepathically its easy for her to transfer her own feeling to him.
Greatest Fear: The death of a close friend. Though he doesnt have many he doesnt want to lose the ones he already has. This was brought about by the death of his entire village and he never wants to experince such a thing again.
Phobias/Insecurities: Doesnt want to lose control of the power inside him. He fears that with his rapid growth that it may take hold of him and turn him into something he never wanted to be. The dragons blood took to him in a greater fashion than it had most of the others.

~Likes and Dislikes~

Likes: Food , Cold , Hyionn
Dislikes: Bugs , Heat , Savage Blood

Colour: Ice Blue
Clothing: Rocker Style
Food/drinks: Any
Animal: Dragons

~Least Favorite ~
Colour: Red
Clothing: Suits
Food/drinks: Hot Beverages
Animal: Salamander
Motto/Personal quote: Move forward and no matter what get stronger. Only the strong can protect the weak.
Most prized possession: Hyion


Marital status: Single
Loves: None
First crush: None
Best Friends: None
Friends: None
Hates: None
Dislikes: Savage Blood
Rivals: None
Pets: Hyion


Element: Ice

~Personal Spells/Abilities~

Dragon Scales: The dragons blood took deep root in him and although his flesh appears normal once its struck with a sword or any type of object with enough force you can see his scales rippling from the force. Because of this he is harder to cut than you avarage human. Also his skin feels rough to the touch because of this.

Arctic Body: Because of the power of ice awakining inside him he has a higher resistance to cold than normal. Not just a resistance to it he almost embraces it. He is never warm to the touch and even in the warmest of places he seems to be cold to the touch. If your close enough to him there is a small change in temperature.

Uncontrolled Flow: Because of how deep the dragons blood took he has never been able to control it , or turn it off. The eye patch he wears seals away his power and if it is ever removed or cut off his true power is unleashed and he enters his first form in less than a second.

~Transformation/Form Skills~

Dragon of the Frost: The user is sorrounded by a light blue aura , softer and less vibrant than most of the other auras produced by the Dragons Blood effect. The user gains domanace over the world of ice and all it contains. Not only can they control any nearby but they can furthermore create ice and freeze things.

~First Form Skills~

Absolute Zero: When entering the first the user immediatly draws the heat from the area into himself. The temperature change is instant and ongoing. The longer he remains in this form the colder it gets around him.

Frost Flame: Using the withdrawn heat from the surrounding area the person is able to create a flame of frost. Not only will this leave a rather nasty burn but it will also freeze things it touch's. However , due to lack of heat this can only be used every third post. The longer the user waits the stronger the flame and the more can be produced. But a minumum of two turns absorbing heat through Absolute Zero is Required.



Eye of Regression: This eye patch prevents the wearers power from being released. Normally given to those who have trouble controlling their power. In this case it was created by a Xerat technician to help Zekaire. This patch still allows a small amount of his power to leak through as it could not be fully contained.


Hyion the Baby Ice Dragon:
Dragons have much longer natural lifespans than humans and the other races. So they remain small for a much longer time. Hyion has a special connection with Zekaire that neither of them understand. However from the time they started talking the have been the best of friends and kept one another company. Hyion herself is not as weak as she appears though she prefers that Zekaire do the fighting as she is a peaceful being. However her presence alone will stop most people from being on the offensive. Dragons were rare creatures and tales of their power had spread far and wide. It was said that even a weak baby was several times the strength of a human and few wanted to test this. Anyone who can speak Dragonic or the Ancient language of the angels will be able to understand what she is saying. Also those with dragons blood can understand dragonic.

Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood] Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood]   Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood] EmptyWed Oct 17, 2012 2:36 am

Wow. This is a great app. >.< Well, what should I expect from you. Razz Anyway, this character is approved! ^^

(going to insert approval pic here after I make it)

Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood] Winnie10

“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?" asked Piglet. "Even longer." Pooh answered.”
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Zekaire Azure [Dragons Blood]
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