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 Dragons Blood , The blood of the Past

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PostSubject: Dragons Blood , The blood of the Past   Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:09 pm

Name: Dragons Blood

Alignment: Evil

Location: Helios

Allegiance: Themselves

Leader: The Dragon , Savage Blood

Factions Strongest: True Dragons - These people are allowed to act outside the normal actions of the group , so long as it is in the groups best interest.

Base of Operations: Dragon Nest is a small city located in the harsh desert around an Oasis. They city seems rather peaceful and is not actually all that large. However the extremly hostile and powerful Dragons blood make this their home city. A large alter in the middle of the Oasis serves as the meeting grounds for the faction. The dragon they serve comes there to give them orders or to instill his blood into new members.

Source of Power: Savage Blood , The Dragon - Yes this is the source of their power. Each member is injected with the blood of the dragon to draw out their inner elemental power , as well as making them part dragon. If the dragon were slain , then the blood in its members would go dormant causing them to loose their power. However , how to slay a being as powerful as a dragon is not as easy as it may sound.

Transformation Overview: The dragons blood wakes up elemental power within the Host. Then the longer the blood is within them the more it takes over granting further power.

First Form: The host gains the ability to create and manipulate one of the elements and also gains a resistance to that element. When the form activates a colored aura surrounds them , the color of their element is the color of the aura.

Second Form: The dragon blood has fully merged with the body. They can now attain the second state known as half dragon. The transformation gives them wings , and claws to do combat with as well as a nice boost to their combat abilities. The eyes of the dragon allow them to see much further than they normally would be able to , and they also have the ability to smell emotions and pick up different scents. They can activate each the claws , wings , and eyes separately. However upon using any of them they gain the ability to create and control their element , without their aura being shown. Furthermore , they become immune to their own element , but grow a strong affinity for the opposing element.

~Ranking System~
Leader - 1 Position
True Dragons - 2 positions / Strongest Mastered 2nd Level
Dragon - Attained Second level Transformation
Drake - Mastered First Level Transformation
Welp - Attained First Level Transformation
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Dragons Blood , The blood of the Past
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