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 Phoenix Obsidian [Dragons Blood]

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Phoenix Obsidian [Dragons Blood] 568875


Full Name:
Phoenix Obsidian




Birth place:


Phoenix has a lifelong job/task set to him by the cult he was initiated into, one of their main objectives is to find artifacts of their deity, these artifacts are needed for them to complete their main goal and without them they are dead in the water. Phoenix was eventually chosen for this lifelong highly important task, he searches all over lands for signs of the cult’s deity in the hopes that he one day might locate at least one of the artifacts.

Along with his lifelong task, the cult also make use of Phoenix's proven skills in weaponry and other such things, occasionally the cult will need someone to be protect because they are of high importance to them or they may need someone killed because they pose a threat to their existence or deity. However he is never given meaningless tasks, the cult recognises his abilities and do not wish to waste them on things a lower member could accomplish easily.

On top of his cult duties, Phoenix is a member of Dragons blood, so he must perform any and all tasks handed to him; he prefers to be given assignments that suit his abilities, these usually being assassinations or killing people.


One of his longest hobbies is practicing his artistic ability with his lava, having an eidetic memory, he enjoys taking creatures he has seen in the wild and creating lava forms of them, he uses this as a way to practice his controlling and manipulating of the lava to making it more effective. After creating them, he usually shrinks them down and turns them into an obsidian sculpture, keeping them in a large pocket of his jacket.

Phoenix possess a superior eye sight, he can quite literally see things crystal clear from a long distance away. This eye sight is in a way a family trait that has been passed onto him, with this eye sight Phoenix can not only see clearly from long distances, he can quickly focus on things within milliseconds; his reflexes are given a bit of a boost from this, as his eyes can spot out something coming towards him say, even from the corner of his eye, his eyes being so quick allows him to dodge fairly easily as he is given a wide berth of a few milliseconds before the object or whatever it is comes into contact with him. His accuracy is another factor that his eyesight boosts, with his eyes he can dictate when he should for example fire his arrow at a moving target, his eyes quickly find a point in which he should aim and he fires just at the right moment, he rarely misses.

Phoenix rather intelligent and with his intelligence he has developed a mind that can assess a situation and quickly come up with a solution. This makes him a rather formidable opponent; he can usually always find a solution to a problem he faces in battle or out. As a long range fighter he can see the enemy before they see him, this gives him time to prepare, he does dabble in strategy and before his enemy has reached him he usually has one under his belt. If however he is posed with a situation that doesn't give him time to come up with a strategy then he relies on his ability to assess the situation and come up with a solution and develops a strategy during battle.

Due to his body build, Phoenix is rather quick on his feet, his agility boosts his reflexes and in conjunction with his sharp and quick eyes, his ability to dodge is rather precise. He uses his agility in a variety of ways, to run rings around his enemy, escape a situation where his close combat will be ineffective and he needs to rely on his long range abilities, as well as close combat itself. Phoenix uses a specialised katana in battle; it is a little lighter which allows him to perform quick attacks. He prefers to deal quick medium blows to slow and heavy blows. With his quick method he can cut an enemy at many different vital points and leave them wounded and slower.


Phoenix's parents were Master and Mistress of the large town of Vulcanus, the two of them were cousins who had fallen in love. Their family the Obsidians had a rather long past, dark and rocky at times. However they wished to pull away from the darkness that lived within their family, the father has inherited the manor house from his father once he passed away and they took over the manor and master and mistress of Vulcanus. They did not only have titles to their names though, the two were connected with different sources of power, be it factions or other. Which made their first born a target, not for execution but abduction, they came from the same bloodline, which in fact made their first born hold more of the families blood than anyone before it. This meant that the genetic traits and abilities, which had been created through selective breeding within the family, were stronger in their child as they shared the same blood in a way.

When their child was abducted on the night of his birth, the mother broke down into depression, she was bedridden for months from having her child taken from her. Whilst she was tended to by those that worked at the manor and a doctor, the father went out in search of his child with a party of his closest friends, these ranging from different lands and even factions. However a year of searching yielded no results, the father sent his friends back and he continued alone. During these years he did so, the mother became as well as she ever would and she birthed seven girls. The strain, stress and heartache of losing his child and searching for him, eventually killed the father. From this loss, the mother’s heart could hardly bare any more pain and eventually she too died, holding her first borns hand.

The seven girls and siblings to Phoenix were not left alone, he had been released from the cults base of operations and had made his way back to his hometown, his first meeting with his mother, was his last. He spent the next seven years looking after his little sisters, caring for them, teaching them, and protecting them. However during this time he still upheld his duties to the cult and dragons blood when he joined them at the age of sixteen. When he reached the age of twenty, he realised his eldest sister who was ninteen, was old enough to care for her siblings. Each sibling was seperated in age by one year, his little sisters were all in their teens and together they would survive with the wealth of their family and parents. Phoenix left them, only saying goodbye to his eldest sister, who he had grown the closest too.

Vulcanus: Vulcanus, is a large town that sits atop an unground volcano, this makes the town a very warm place to live. Not only is it sitting atop in essence a large pool of lava, but it is surrounded by a wide moat of lava. Created by the founders of Vulcanus the Obsidian family, they believed it would be one of the towns best defenses, stopping any of those that wished to do harm to it. What's unique about the moat of lava however is that it isn't dormant. It does not just continue to circulate and bubble, if anyone tries to cross the lava, say by jumping or even flying over, they while finds themselves melting to death. The lava is from the volcano itself, having been specially crafted to carry a protective seal within the lava, it acts as a defensive mechanism, it can literally create a large arm and grab any that try to breach the towns defence perimeter.

What is special about the town is that it secretly unaware houses the base of operations for a cult, this cult makes it home below the town, close to the active volcano. Being a cult that spans centuries, a temple had been built by it long ago to worship their deity. This is where they reside, protected by the volcano as its lava was used in the creation of the moat atop on the surface, the lava it contains down below too has that seal, making it the perfect defense for their temple. The cult are very secretive and there are only a few rumors, but their activities are rather in depth and harmful.

Back story:
On the night of his birth Phoenix was placed in his cot, in his own room of his parent’s large manor house, their room connected to his in case of emergency. Once they had gone to bed and the hours went long into the night and the whole manor slept peacefully. However unknown to the parents, a cult that lived below the town of Vulcanus, had already been keeping tabs on the family known as the Obsidians, they knew of their quite dark past and the abilities and traits that were passed down in the families genes. They knew that the mother and father were cousins and how their first borns genes would be far stronger than any before or after it. The cult knew that this first born could be used to their advantage, with the abilities it would inherit it would be an invaluable member. So on the night of its birth, a member of the cult breached the manors security and abducted the first born.

It was in the walls of the dark temple of the cult that Phoenix spent his childhood. As he grew to an age where he would be able to understand and assimilate information, the cult began to educate him in their ways and what they do. He learnt who their deity was and how important she was, how the cult came to be, what great wars it had helped shape and shift. He learnt many things and had been there his whole life and he knew no other life than that.

As he grew older the cult began to educate him on more dark twisted things, they showed him things that not many could stomach but surprisingly he did, whether it was due to his families dark roots sprouting inside him or because his life had always been with the cult it was unknown. They also subtly had begun to prepare him for his lifelong task, one that would see him travel great distances and search every mountain to valley.

They started training him early on in combat and found he was quite the fighter, his body build allowed him to be nimble and quick as he fought one of the members in hand to hand combat. Once he was able to defeat a member of the cult in hand to hand combat, it was decided that he should learn to use weaponry. The cults teaching methods were somewhat unorthodox and he would return to his quarters with cuts and bruises from his training. He learned to use the pain as a way to motivate himself to strive to be better. His handling of a blade was quick and agile, he landed multiple wounds to his opponent in a series of seconds. But it was recognised that he was suited most of long range attacks, when handed a bow he could hit targets dead on with his superior and precise eye sight, even moving targets the size of a coin he could hit in midair.

All the time he was begin trained, the cult notice he had become quite dark in personality, he did well to masquerade but it was becoming more apparent, they had created what they wanted. However what they did not foresee is rebellion in their creation, when he developed his abilities to use lava, he ended up slaughtering a decent amount of cultists for trying to whip him. He was thirteen and a little unstable, so the cult decided they would allow him to leave, reminding him he was still a member of their cult, they did this branding his skin just below the right side of his collar bone, it was of the cult’s insignia, their deity.
He was told who his parents were and where to find them, so he made his way to the surface and straight to the manor. Upon returning home he found his mother, she was dying from the years of heartache of losing her son. In her final moments, he sat there holding her hand talking to her. After his mother had passed away, he was left with his seven younger sisters. He spent the next seven years looking after each and every one of them as they grew up, he provided for them, protected them, and loved them.

Whilst looking after his siblings he continued his duty to the cult, searching for the artifacts of the deity and any of tasks they wished for him to do, he had a choice in them and he usually accepted the killing contracts, he was a dark soul and killing people seemed to appease him. It was that which lead him to Dragons Blood and his eventual decision to join the faction and become one of them. He had chosen the faction because of the way they were, because they were not of good intentions.

All the while he continued to look after his sisters, he kept his work a secret from them and at home he was a loving and caring big brother. But in a way it was a masquerade, he only did it out of the love he had for them. But when he reached twenty years of age and each of them were in their teens, he decided it was time to leave. He made sure to take a picture of them all pretending it was a family photograph, which he was made to join in. They all smiled and he with the picture he create a necklace for each of his sisters, their mother had had an Obsidian necklace a family heirloom, he create similar ones and specially placed the photo with the large pendant of each necklace, doing the same to his mothers. An indestructible photo that would never age nor come to harbor any damage due to the Obsidian it was encased in. When he tucked each of them in the night he was leaving, he gave them a kiss on the forehead, gave them the necklace and told them he loved them. However he didn't mention he was leaving them for an indefinite amount of time, possibly forever. The only one he told was the eldest of his sisters, he had grown closest to her and before he left he placed the necklace upon her and kissed her lightly before promising he would one day return to them.

His reasoning behind leaving his sisters was to protect them from himself, he may have been a loving big brother to them, but that was all done out of love for them, inside he truly was dark and evil and it was something he didn't just come to accept, it was something he came to love. It was a mix of the cult and his family’s dark roots that lead him to this and once he had left the cult and began working for them, over the years he heard rumors of a faction, a faction known as Zero Prophecy, they sounded like just the kind of faction he longed to be a part of.

Over the years he grew up, he began to try getting the rumored factions attention, he would do things outside of his work for the cult and later on Dragons blood. He tried to show his worth through a variety of different ways, leaving areas of environment destroyed by his skills, killing people of high class and authority, creating chaos and other such ventures. He became a Zero Prophecy fanatic over the years, he still held true to his other responsibilities, but nothing overcame his lust for being in Zero Prophecy. One of his many reasons to leave his sisters with the wealth their parents had left for them and their titles. They would be mistresses of Vulcanus and lead on healthy lives, while he was able to pursue his wish to become a part of Zero Prophecy. With no time devoted to his sisters, he had plenty of time to perform even greater forms of showing his worth to the faction.


Sex: Male
Height: 6 Foot 3 Inches
Weight: 12 Stone
Build: Medium, moderately muscular and toned
Skin: Fairly White
Hair: Silvery Grey
Eyes: Silver (Crimson when channeling lava)
Left/Right Handed: Right
How does s/he dress: Phoenix prefers to dress in light clothing, as a long range fighter he doesn't have much use for heavy armaments and finds them to have a negative impact on his combat effectiveness. He has come to find a wardrobe that he finds practical and likable to himself. Consisting of a pair of white jeans, around which he has a rather wide belt with black and grey stripes, the belt connects with strong hooks on circular buttons on the front of which is the ace symbol; this is to signify his accuracy with projectiles and long range weaponry and how he rarely misses. A black shirt with a total of six buttons, three on either side with each of the buttons having the ace on the front of them again like his belt and under the collar of his shirt a white tie that reaches all the way down to his waist. Over this attire he weathers a light grey leather jacket, he always has the hood over this head and he prefers it that way, he rarely removes the hood, he differs each day from having the jacket zipped up or opens.

Phoenix wears securely around his neck, his mother’s obsidian necklace, this is a family heirloom that has been passed down over the many long years of the families’ existence. His mother gave it to him on his death bed as a reminder of his parents and his family. He added the picture of him and his younger sisters all together into the heart of the pendant that hangs from the necklace, this serves as a reminder of his little sisters that he cared for alone for many years. It also serves as a sign he still does have a soft and loving heart under his dark and evil personality.

The aces that are on the front of the buttons of his clothing are to mark his very superior eye sight and how accurate he is with long ranged attacks. It was not something he came up with himself, a cult member referred to Phoenix as an Ace Marksman and it lead on from there, in which he adopted the symbol to adorn his attire to symbolise in effect his accuracy.

He carries a large metal flask in the right hand side of his inside pocket of his leather jacket, this always contains tea inside of it because of his adoration with the stuff. The metal flask is designed to keep the tea at a boiling temperature at all times as that is the only way he will take it, however because of the metals used in the flask, he can just heat it up with his lava if need be, but he has yet to try that.

In his left inside pocket, he carries a leather bag just big enough to inline the pocket, in which he always has sticks of strawberry liquorice, his second addiction. He only places his liquorice in this bag and nowhere else.

Eye piece: The eyepiece is secured to his right eye, he doesn't remove the device and it's not sure if it's a permanent fixture or even if he still has original eye underneath, it's a mysteriously Phoenix prefers to keep secret. This device acts as a telescope of sorts; it allows him to see quite a distance ahead of himself and focus on certain things if need be, crucial for his lifelong task handed to him by the cult. The eye piece has two small levers on the right hand side, one allows for Phoenix to switch between three levels of magnification, each level vastly magnifying whatever should be in his view at the time, it is seen as the quick option. The second level however has up to ten levels of magnification, this is a more precise way to magnify whatever Phoenix is looking at, however due to the many levels of magnification it can be a slow process to move through each level of magnification compared to the three levels. The eye piece also enables Phoenix to see in the dark with a specially developed night vision mode, the magnification with night vision mode is not nearly as precise due to the low level lightning conditions, it also has the ability to read body heat allowing him to find people easily, however it can only penetrate thin walls and just about medium thickness walls if he is close enough. The range of both body heat detection and night vision modes are limited compared to the standard magnification modes.

Phoenix's mannerisms are usually ones of a simple nature, he tends to smile a lot, which on first sight looks gentlemanly but on closer inspection for those with sharper eyes, a devious and sinister feel is cleverly concealed, this could also be said for his general way of acting, he keeps to be a gentleman however there’s always the devious, sinister and dark nature hidden behind it. He scans areas he's in thoroughly, seeing what’s where and how he could use it to his advantage if need be, this behavior comes before anything else most of the time, as he likes to at least have some degree of detail about his environment and with his sharp eyes and eidetic memory, he usually has the area mapped out within a minute or so depending on its scale, he'll do this in a number of ways, even while speaking or doing something else, his eyes continue to map. He also has a habit where he'll utter a low and nasal grunt "Hmph" he does this before a sentence most of the time and it's usually when he finds something amusing.

Phoenix's movements tend to be smooth and casual, no matter what the situation, he doesn't show signs of nervousness or fear, this is mostly due to his upbringing in the cult and how they almost completely eradicated anything to do with fear or worry. He goes at his own pace when he moves and will not take any notice of anyone complaining about his speed, his hands are usually deeply entrenched in his leather jacket as he walks, finding it more comfortable but also as a way to keep eyes unable to see what his hands could be doing. However when he's battling his game switches up a little, he still keeps the same level of smoothness to his moves but he also shows a high degree of perfection and prowess. Much can be said the same for the way Phoenix poses, but with the addition of a slight uneasy feel for whoevers looking at him, giving them a feel that they aren't getting the full picture just by looking at him, that he's possibly concealing something from them.

Phoenix speaks with a smooth and cool voice with a natural proper pronunciation and royal quality to it. He rarely shows any hint of fear or uneasiness in his voice, however he likes to speak with a hint of boredom and pessimism on occasion. His voice at times grows darker and sinister when he's a more serious or irritated, though these traits come out in his voice only slightly normally, when he's serious they are more pronounced.


~What does this character think/feel about~
The opposite sex: He has no one view on females in general, he has different opinions on all individuals and judges them as individuals. However he has come to find a females company a little more likable than a males, due to his seven years looking after his younger sisters.
Politics: Phoenix finds politics pathetic and useless and a hindrance to advancement, he sees government body's as useless babbling fools who have no clue as to what they are doing and only care for their own wealth, he doesn't admit he's right about what he thinks of them, but given the chance he would eradicate politics and all things associated with it.
Religion: He believes in his deity because of his cult, however he does not see it as a religion, he finds religions to be false and rudimentary. A basic and simple tool for controlling people’s lives and making them adhere to pathetic rules and terms, however he admires it slightly for its uses in persuading and controlling people, but believes there are better ways of doing so. Again given the chance he would destroy all religions and anything associated with them.
Science: He finds science partly to be the future of everything, with its growing advancements in medical and weaponry as well as technology. However, despite that he finds flaws with science and believes it could be perfected but it will always have its flaws no matter what.
Drugs and alcohol: Two things he finds useless and undesirable, anyone that does use either he will have a slight problem with.
Killing/Murder: He has done both and his views on them are the same, that they're are tool in which to use to create order and balance, but he also finds killing to be somewhat enjoyable, most probably feeling a sense of fulfillment each time for the cult taking away his childhood.
Life: In all its forms he finds it fascinating but at times rather limiting and pathetic.
Death: He too finds death fascinating, however something he plans to avoid.
Society: Society to Phoenix is misguided and scared of anything it doesn't understand, he believes society needs to be scared into understanding for it to stop being ignorant.
State of the world: The state of the world is to him rather misplace and once again in need of guidance much like society, however his kind of guidance is different to the good Samaritans kind, he believes striking fear into the hearts and minds of the world is a far better way of doing things.
Their own Faction:

~Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes~

Secret desires: He wishes to become a part of zero Prophecy and it's become his highest goal to achieve. However he has also attains a desire to find the artifacts of his deity, mostly to fulfill his curiosity that is in the balance of not believe and believing of her existence.
How do they express themselves: Phoenix expresses himself in a range of different ways, he is usually more action orientated when it comes to expressing himself. He prefers that to being outspoken, as he finds expressing himself through words a little less meaningful and impacting, but this does not mean he will not use speech to express himself at times.
Most at ease when: He is most at ease when around his pet raven Abyss, having been with her his entire life, she is the one he connects with on a much deeper level than anyone else, even his younger siblings. However he is also at ease when he is around heat, this can be in the forms of anything, and the same can be said for tea.
Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Despite the concealment of his sinister dark devious self in his gentlemanly manner he is not all doom and gloom, he is still and acts like a gentleman which gives him a somewhat likeable quality personality. Mentally Phoenix is prepared for anything, being in the cult for so long and since birth, having not felt fear since a young age, it was beaten out of him by the cult and since he has never met a situation with any fear, he is mentally strong and filled with determination.
Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Phoenix can be antisocial at times, having gotten used to the long journeys without social interaction with any person, he has grown accustomed to it and developed a slight like for it. However it is usually because he cannot find people with similar interests as himself. Mentally Phoenix will sometimes lose track of his goals or his reasoning, his strategical side is all still there but he can gain a sadism that exceeds his reasoning, which can end up in him straying from his path at times, this is mostly due to his childhood being immersed in the cult he is a part of. He likes to think of himself as artistic and prides himself on his lava creations and has a slight tendency to get irritated when people mock his creations.
Greatest Fear: That Zero Prophecy will find him unworthy of joining them.

~Likes and Dislikes~

Likes: Creating new forms of lava creatures, practicing his combat skills, drinking tea, eating strawberry liquorice, bonding with Abyss. Zero Prophecy, he is a complete fanatic of Zero Prophecy and idolises them.
Dislikes: He dislikes ignorant people and finds them utterly irritating, this goes for arrogant people just as much, unless they have a reason to be arrogant if it’s good enough to him, then he'll find it tolerable. People who are all talk and no action are another one of his dislikes and this can be said for people who talk of peace.

Colour: Crimson
Clothing: Leather Jacket
Food/drinks: His favourite food is Strawberry Liquorice and he's never without it, in fact he has developed an addiction to the stuff as well as Tea, he loves to drink tea but only if it's scalding hot.
Animal: Birds of prey, he finds them fascinating and the perfect predators, how intelligent and calculated they are, hardly ever missing their prey.

~Least Favorite ~
Colour: Certain shades of green
Clothing: Baggy Clothing
Food/drinks: Alcohol of any kind, Melon
Animal: Vermin
Motto/Personal quote:
Most prized possession:


Marital status: None
Loves: None
First crush: None
Best Friends: None
Friends: Certain Cult Members.
Hates: Many
Dislikes: His cult
Rivals: None
Pets: None


Element: Lava

~Personal Spells/Abilities~
Lava Projectiles: Phoenix will mold his lava into shapes that possess the ability to move through the air with speed and travel great distances, these are projectiles in nature. He creates these projectiles in a number of forms, one such form is a simple spear shape. Phoenix can will the lava to pool on his body wherever he wishes, for example to the spear, he wills the lava to pool in his hand, when there is a sufficient amount, he begins to construct the shape of the spear, he uses his eidetic memory to remember when he last held a spear, its contours and shape and uses this as a template to create his lava spear. The lava begins to flow in the directions it needs to as it continues to pool in his hand directly feeding into the construction. Eventually the final shape is taken and Phoenix is left with his projectile, from here on he can choose whether the spear will remain in its hot larval form, which would cause burning and on some surfaces melting depending on what said surface is. However he has the ability to fast cool his lava and transform it into the hard rock obsidian, this makes the projectile heavier and it's throwing distanced halved, however its penetrable capabilities are greatly increased. Another type of lava projectile Phoenix is capable of creating is what he calls a type of explosive. Whichever shape he has created for example the spear, the outside of the shape will harder just a little, creating a sort of thin case, inside however the magma remains hot and in liquid form. With this type he can simply throw the projectile and on impact of any surface, the thin casing will smash sending the hot lava out in all directions, this is why he refers to it as an explosive. He also creates projectiles like this that he throws in the air, he then shoots these with an arrow and the projectile explodes in the air, which creates a magma rain, capable of causing seriousness burns.

Lava Defense: Much like Phoenix can fast cool his lava to make obsidian projectiles, which are hard and strong in nature. He uses the similar technique to form a defense for himself, this defense comes in many different forms, depending on the situation. One simple defense is a magma wall, he wills the magma to form a wall in front, behind of him or wherever it need be, projectiles coming into contact with the magma are usually incinerated on impact if not melted. However it doesn't have to be in the shape of a wall, Phoenix can create all sorts of magma defenses, ones such as domes to surround him and so on and so forth. Just like his projectiles, Phoenix can fast cool his defenses, this means instead of a liquid hot magma wall, he would cool the magma to create a strong thick obsidian wall, this greatly increases the strength and defensive capabilities of the wall, however once he has turned his magma into obsidian, there is no way to return it to its previous state of magma, which means if he needs to move, then he will have to recreate another wall. The benefit of having an obsidian wall is that Phoenix does not have to put as much effort into keeping the structure of the magma consistent as it is obsidian and a solid material. Another type of lava defense for Phoenix is a full body defense, Phoenix has the ability to pool lava where he wills it on his body and with the full body defense, he coats his entire body and clothing in magma, in this form the full body defense takes a lot of focus to keep the flow of magma and its form consistent, however it does allow for Phoenix to fire his projectiles quicker by sacrificing areas of the magma armor, which eventually are refilled with fresh magma, he can also engage in hand to hand combat which gives his attacks a high damage rate as his magma practically melts skin and causes severe burns. Again like his other forms of defense, Phoenix can make his magma full body defense cool into an obsidian, the difference is that the obsidian is a little less thick than usual and takes on all his features as well as colour of his skin, clothing etc. It becomes an invisible armor layer, this however is not as strong as his other obsidian defenses, and it also slows Phoenix's movements down as obsidian adds a substantial amount of weight. He usually uses the full body obsidian defense before battle and when entering an area he believes he'll need the protection for, luckily he can release the layer of obsidian armor by pooling magma beneath it, this forms a seriously damaging offense, he pools the magma beneath his layer of obsidian, increasing the pressure more and more, eventually the obsidian breaks all over and bursts creating sharp small projectiles that project out in all directions.

Lava Manipulation: Phoenix manipulates his lava to perform all his abilities, from his projectiles to his defenses, however these are just the beginning of his manipulative abilities. Phoenix uses his lava manipulation to mount attacks of many different kinds, he manipulates his lava into shapes, to flow in different directions and so on and so forth. One thing he takes pride in, is his artistic abilities and this is down mostly to his eidetic memory also known as photographic memory. Once he has seen a creature or object of any kind he commits it to memory, this allows him to create templates in which he can base his lava creations on. One such creation is that he likes to use often is a lava snake, having seen many in his journeys, he uses his memory of ones he has seen to create a template in his mind and with that he manipulates his lava to form the shape of a snake. Not only does the snake look like one but it is independent of itself, Phoenix will give encode the lava and the snake will take on the characteristic of one, it will then attack whoever he tells it too. He can create a range of different creatures, but he has found some more useful than others. Each one has a different purpose, some will be used for standard attacks, others will be used to crush defenses and so on and so forth. As with his other attacks each creation has different types, standard magma, ones with thin to medium casings and then obsidian. However his creations do not stop at just animals, he has the ability to create humanoid shapes as well as lava and obsidian prisons etc.

~Transformation/Form Skills~

~First Form Skills~


Elongated Katana: A gift from his cult, the katana is specially crafted to be light, strong and effective. Having since joined Dragons blood, Phoenix altered the grip that the katana originally had. In place now the grip is in the shape of a dragon’s neck, obsidian in colour with a dragon scale like design. The dragon scales not only ensure for more grip on the weapon, but Phoenix uses these to enhance his weapon. The pommel at the end of the grip, is in the form of a dragons head, the dragons face he made sure to look menacing and dark, the mouth itself can open and close, but for now it remains closed and Phoenix is keeps quiet about why it opens, although has hinted it’s to enhance the katana a lot further. The blade itself is a very ingenious design, magically crafted in the cult, the katana is actually just a grip at first, when wielded by Phoenix however, the blade suddenly flips out piece by piece to form the elongated blade, he himself is not sure how it works, but believes it to be of dark magic. The blade is engraved all the way down, markings of the cult and their deity, as well as a few others Phoenix has added, like the dragon going up the length of blade. These engraving have another use as well, they like the scales on the grip are to enhance the weapon. Phoenix channels his lava to pool into his palms, he designed the scales to allow him to feed the lava into the katana, it then travels down the engravings until they are completely full of lava, making them glow a deep magma red against the blades strong material. This gives the blade the ability to deal a lot more damage, as the material it is made out of becomes incredibly hot, meaning it can cleanly cut through skin like butter, however it does not cauterize the entire wound, if Phoenix severs a limb, a small amount of his lava seeps into the victim’s blood stream from the engravings, the same can be said for if he impales someone with the blade. With this Phoenix can manipulate the lava to attack vital organs and deal series damage to his victim however, he needs a substantial amount to be inside them for that to happen. With at least some inside them, he can use it to strike certain nerves to at least hinder them and give him the advantage. At the tip of the blade, there is an engraving, this engraving is of a bird of fire, with his tendency to become sadistic in battle, Phoenix likes to brand those he does not kill with his marking to make sure the remember who attacked them.

Bow: Another gift from his cult, the bow is specially crafted to be again light weight, strong and effective, the bow is not small at all, and it stands just a little short of Phoenix as six feet however, like his katana. The cult recognised Phoenix's superior eyes and his long range abilities and designed it so it could lengthen to fire incredibly far or shorten to allow for short lengths as well as allowing Phoenix to fire much faster. The bow itself is designed to look dark and menacing by the cult member that created it, this was Phoenix inspiration for the dragon head of his katana as he wanted them to match in some way. The bow is again obsidian black and is covered in engravings of the cult’s insignia and their deity as well as ones Phoenix has added for Dragons Blood. Phoenix doesn't carry arrows for his bow as he creates them himself, as he draws back the bow string, an arrow forms in front of it, once he has found the right tension he stops pulling back and the arrow too stops forming. This is basically Phoenix creating a projectile, as he pulls back on the bow the lava pools down his fingers and over the string slowly building up the arrow, as he stops the lava forms the quiver of the arrow to make it able to fly through the air at high speeds with great accuracy. What’s perfect about these arrows is they do not bend like wooden ones upon firing, they fire straight and true which gives them incredible accuracy and power. As with all his projectiles, Phoenix can cause the arrows to be magma in form, magma encase in light to medium casing or obsidian. Magma arrows deliver less piercing power, but they can melt an opponent’s armor depending on what material it is, it also causes severe burn damage. With the light to medium lava encase magma arrows, his goal with these is to deliver magma into the victims’ blood stream, usually making the casing of most of the arrow strong to withstand a blow, but the tip weak to inject his magma, but their secondary goal should that fail is to explode in a way, in his he causes pressure to build in the arrow, making them explode like his full body armor, sends sharp pieces of casing to project in every direction as well as the magma. The obsidian arrows are simply for piercing and wounding, their thick and strong and have a slightly short distance but most armor is no match for them, especially if Phoenix creates enough tension in the bow string.

Name: Abyss
Type: Bird of Prey
Family: Corvidae
Genus: Corvus
Breed: Known as the "Obsidian Raven" due to its plumage, Abyss is the only one of its kind and a bit of a mysterious as to how she came to be.
Length: 40 Inches
Wingspan: 60 Inches
Background: As a baby Phoenix spent his time in a cot in the cult’s base of operations, it was there one day a large Raven landed beside him. The cult saw this as a sign from their deity much like a lot of things that happened around Phoenix. The Raven known as Abyss stayed with Phoenix wherever he went and became his one and only loyal friend, the share a deep beyond that has made them insuperable. Abyss has become a sort of symbol for Phoenix of his concealed dark and sinister personality. She also acts as a scout for Phoenix and since the two understand each other perfectly, she can usually give him an idea of what’s up ahead.
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As we had talked before did you want to be a member of dragons blood or just a lone wolf mercinary? If you wanted to do the dragons blood thing we could tie it into his story later as well as his form. And we could Make you the "Lava Dragon" of sorts and you would just use your abilities in your first form as well. Not to mention it would only require a minor change to your story. Other than that the profile is approved.
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I've decided I want to be a member of dragons blood, just seems right for the character and the direction we decided he would be heading in if you get me. I like the sound of that very much indeed and also will he be using some fire abilities like we discussed? And that's fine, whatever changes are necessary to his story are fine with me and awesome sauce!

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Actually everything should be fine. Just edit his abilities and transformation accordingly. Use the info from Dragons blood transformation. He can use a few fire abilities before he transforms and once he transforms he will have full use of his lava abilities. Sound good?
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