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 Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf]

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Kryn Cluskio

Kryn Cluskio

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PostSubject: Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf]   Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf] EmptyFri Oct 26, 2012 12:43 am

Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf] Bd5c6


Full Name:
Kryn Nenka Cluskio

Nena, Ryn, Nene, Nen



Birth place:
An unknown territory. A moderately sized island far off the west coast of Zilios. The Natives call it "Terremia." (Ter-ray-mia)

Lone wolf

Traveling hunter. He sells his pelts to those who buy. When nobody is buying, he does mercenary work.


He likes to be isolated when he can. It helps him remember that he left everyone behind. Though, through just causes and right actions, he felt his actions weren't the ones he liked. He also liked to remember that he was still alive and should make the best of it. After his isolation phases, would go out with no plans at all. Hopefully making friends along the way.

He's a strategic swordsman. He prefers using a sword, be it double-edged or single-edged. Without a sword, Kryn is just a fast and agile little annoyance. He isn't very strong, that's the reason he uses a sword. He can't use two swords at once, it's just not natural for him, and will mess up the balance that was taught to him by his demon father. If there were any other weapon Kryn would use, it'd be a bow. If put in command of an army, Kryn will always find a strategic way to deal major damage to the enemy while losing the minimal amount of troops. He's demon father was a general once upon a time, and had taught Kryn and his sister what he could. In addition, Kryn can be stealthy when he wants to. It helps him catch his prey.


He left a single mother and a 10-year-old brother to search for his 19-year-old sister, who may or may not be dead. He believes she is somewhere on Zilios, but after been searching for a month, he's not so sure anymore. His dad was a demon, so he left the family after being accused of being such by the other villagers.

Kryn grew up in a small village on the east coast of Terremia. The villagers called the town "Vrisylis." (Vree-sigh-lis)

Back story:
Kryn was always a quick learner. He was reading by age 4 and was writing legibly and in complete paragraphs at 5. He was always getting in trouble at school for correcting the teacher 24/7. Most of the time, he was right, but teachers just had to rub it in whenever he was wrong, or at least not 100% right. At some point, he began to get into trouble for badmouthing the teachers. This gently subsided over the years. He began to gain control of his temper and his mouth.

When he was 10, his sister was 12 and his brother was 3, his dad had left. He was accused of being a demon, as he was, and was banished by the people. When he'd denied leaving because he didn't trust them with his children, the villagers said they had no problem with them, they just didn't feel comfortable with a full-fledged demon around their children, especially one that was once a general. He agreed to their terms and left. The last Kryn saw of him was when he transformed into pure energy and bolted up into the sky. Earlier that evening, Kryn was told that he would never see him again.

At age 15, Kryn's sister had left the island, in search of money that the village could use to pay off the empire which was rising on the island. She had just finished her last year of school, she was an even faster learner than Kryn. She had gotten a lot more of Their father's traits than any of the three. She was adept in lightning magic, and had pointed ears, just like their father. She was even smarter and more strategic than Kryn was. 4 years later, after she had never returned, Kryn set off to Zilios to find her. He was sad to leave his familt behind, but paying of this tyrant emperor had to be done. He could only hope that she had found a good source of income but hadn't found a way back to Terremia; back to Vrisylis.


Rather skinny, but fairly muscular.
Lightly tanned.
Left/Right Handed:
Right handed
How does he dress:
Kryn prefers wearing this type of dress:
He is often wearing clothes like this, but from time to time the colors are different.

He's always wearing his sister's bracelet. It's gold and has a Pink gem hanging from it.

Kryn is not one for sulking around. He stands straight and holds his head high. When he walks he uses long strides. When he's hunting, he stays low to the ground and stalks his prey.

Kryn's voice isn't deep, but it's not high-pitched either. It's sort of middle ground.


~What does this character think/feel about~
The opposite sex:
Yes, I'm straight, if that's what you're asking.
I hate empires!
Mytheru, help us. (Part of a religion indigenous to Terremia)
Well, I can calculate how hard and how many times it take to break your nose.
Drugs and alcohol:
Killing who/what?
Ba-da ba ba ba! I'm lovin' it!
Death isn't something we can run from, but we can delay it. I'd like to delay my meeting with Jarim as long as I can. (Jarim is the god of death in the religion from Terremia)
I like to meet new people when I can.
When provoked, I can get really sassy. I have learned to control my temper though, so I'm easier to be around. I'm not very shy, unless I'm not sure I can trust the other person.
State of the world:
Kryn doesn't pay attention to worldy affairs, he usually only really cares about what's happening around him.
Their own Faction:

~Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes~

Secret desires:
Kryn secretly desires the power to destroy entire cities. It'd be easier to rid Terremia of the empire rising there.
How do they express themselves:
Kryn usually just says how he's feeling.
Most at ease when:
In solitude.
Personality/Mental/Social Strengths:
Kryn is confident and has a great self esteem and can control his temper well.
Personality/Mental/Social Flaws:
Kryn also had quite the mouth on him. It usually shows when he's angry.
Greatest Fear:
Kryn fears loosing those close to him. He can barely bear the thought of not being able to find his sister alive. He'd honestly rather not find her at all than find her dead.
Kryn is scared of the water. He always feels as if he'll electrocute himself.

~Likes and Dislikes~

Kryn likes meeting new people. He enjoys being alone as well. He likes to eat food, for metabolism is really high.
He doesn't like people who purposely try to annoy him, liars and cheaters. That's pretty much it.

Pants. I don't know why, but he like wearing pants over shorts or anything else.
How can someone have a favorite food? It's just not possible.

~Least Favorite ~
How can someone have a least favorite food? It's just not possible.
Jelly fish
Motto/Personal quote:
"Mytheru, help us."
Most prized possession:
His sister's bracelet.


Marital status:
First crush:
Back on Terremia
Best Friends:
Back on Terremia
Back on Terremia
Hates :
The empire rising on terremia
Like three people outside of the empire rising on Terremia
Back on Terremia



~Personal Spells/Abilities~

~Lightning channeling~
Kryn's father was a lightning demon, thus Kryn has natural lightning powers and magic. With his natural lightning affinity, he can channel lightning into his weapons. This causes a paralysis effect, sort of like a stun-gun. When He channels in the sword, the sword starts to make a chirping sound. When he channels into his bow and arrows, the flying arrows make a high-pitched whistle through the air, like fireworks. The arrows also have a stream of lightning tracing it's path. This ability works well enough to numb the area hit on a full-grown elk for about 1 post. To an average full-grown man, it would probably do the same. They would be able to move the area, but it would be muscle straining and painful, not to mention they'd be sore after the 1 post if they had tried to move.

~Lightning blade~
Using Kryn's natural affinity to lightning, he can coat his sword with lightning, making a literal "lightning blade." This blade is now pretty much just a high-voltage shock baton. The lightning coating ups the range, but the sword no longer cuts, it electrocutes.

~Lightning palm~
Using his natural affinity to lightning, Kryn can create a quite jolt of lightning through his palms. This doesn't do much more than create a quick jolt which startled and shocks the opponent when contact is made. This shock is just a small shock, it will tense all the muscles in the area of the hit as long as his palm remains in contact with said area. The area my be a little sore, but it wont hurt much or numb anything, only tense the muscles upon contacts and leave it feeling sore in the end.

~Transformation/Form Skills~

No transformation as of yet.

~First Form Skills~

No transformation as of yet.



A sword with a higher electrical conductivity than normal.


A bow which can transfer electricity to the arrows.




Face Claim:
Fayt Leingod from Star Ocean: Till the End Of Time

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Kryn Cluskio

Kryn Cluskio

Posts : 114
Gold : 3060
Join date : 2012-10-23
Age : 22
Location : Wherever the hell I want

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PostSubject: Re: Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf]   Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf] EmptyThu Nov 01, 2012 9:19 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf]   Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf] EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 2:03 am

Looks good for the most part just a few small changes to be made then youll be good to go.

N/A (Since your Lone Wolf)

-Opinion of The current State of the World:
Be abit more detailed here , funny yes but it doesnt really explain anything =D

-Opinion of own Faction:
Just put as N/A since its a Lone Wolf Character.

And now we shall move on to your abilities. ^_^

-Lightning Channeling:
How long does said stun last? And keep in mind that not everyone will be stunned when hit. Stronger or more willfull oponents might only recive a bit of internal "Lag" which will make it harder for them to react exactly as they want or in the time they want to.

-Lightning Palm:
How strong is this ability? Does he have to be in contact with them or can it be used at a distance? Is it only a quick burst or sustainable ability (like can the shock last longer than a second or 2)?

Other than that everything is good. Once the corrections are made and reviewed you should be good to go ^_^. Look forward to seeing you in the RP.
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Kryn Cluskio

Kryn Cluskio

Posts : 114
Gold : 3060
Join date : 2012-10-23
Age : 22
Location : Wherever the hell I want

Character Information
Rank:: Rookie
Race:: Pending

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PostSubject: Re: Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf]   Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf] EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 6:16 pm

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Posts : 158
Gold : 2850
Join date : 2012-01-02

Character Information
Rank:: True Dragon
Race:: Human

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PostSubject: Re: Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf]   Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf] EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 12:27 am

Great Work

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Kryn Cluskio [Lone Wolf]
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