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 Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf]

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Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] Empty
PostSubject: Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf]   Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] EmptyThu Oct 25, 2012 8:09 am

Reiki Ella Kireikaji

Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] 649907-bigthumbnail

Age: 19 but appears to be 16

Race: Fallen

Faction: No Faction

Starting Rank: n/a

Gender: Female

Personality: At first, Reiki comes on as a shy girl who keeps to herself, wandering the world as she goes. But once you have gotten to know her, then she is a kind caring and very protective girl who seems to switch between emotions quickly. She hates being infront of massive groups of people and speaking her mind... She is very strategic but once she becomes enraged, then she will just do whatever comes to mind. She doesn't smile unless she is with someone who she really cares for.

Thoughts about their Faction: Being someone looking for a Faction to take her in, she has no thoughts about any of the factions...

Family: She has no family as they were killed in a massive attack on a faction she was part of when she was born, she lived with an old lady who was a lonewolf and now she has died

Important Equipment or Items: She carries 10 swords which she uses when fighting seriously, but the swords that are normally used are two identical swords, which were her mother and father's swords. she wears very little armour but always wears bandages around her legs under her knee length boots.


Element: Water

~Personal Spells/Abilities~

Sword Merger - this is where she can merge her swords together and hide them, she commonly uses it to hide eight of her swords into her favorite two which are always on her back, no matter where she is. The way she uses this ability is by using kinetic energy she slides one blade over another as if to sharpen it then she clangs then together and press the handles together, this merges them and shows it like it would just be one sword instead of two, taking them appart is much easier, she grabs the handle with two hands and pulls them appart.

Water's Grace - this is an enhanced speed ability influence by water, be it raining, a lake or a wet surface, or even moister in the air, she is able to use this water as an advantage to speed herself up, she is unable to use her own water for this ability. She has to be touching the water, but can leave the water when using it but only for a certain amount of time.

~First Transformation~

Ribbon dance - A Lost Art which was supposed to die when the rest of the faction died off, where she can control all 10 of her swords with a blue peice of ribbon, she can swing and turn the ribbon anyway and the swords will respond to what she is doing, the ribbon acts like an extension of her arms and so where ever there is a knot in the ribbon where the swords are attached, if she lunged forward, the swords would stab through the air or through some unfortunate soul, this can be used only for mid distance fighting.

~First Form Skills~

The Protector - this is a spell which Reiki can use to protect anyone of her choosing, she is unable to protect herself though, there is also one other problem with it, if the shield gets hit by anything, half of the damage goes to Reiki herself. She will not use this unless it is the last resort and someone's life whom she cares for is on the line.


Reiki is the daughter of a fallen, but she does not know this. She was born into a large family faction, which name to this day is still unknown. She was found in the burnt out rubble of a building, crying her eyes out with badly burnt legs. A lady of the name Lulo took her in and treated her as her own flesh and blood. Reiki was not able to walk for the best part of seven years and so trained to fight sitting on a pole that was out the back of the house she grew up in. She was a very quiet child and always looked younger than she really was. At the age of 14, her so called mother told her the truth of her family and that she was not her real mother. She died later that day and Reiki decided after that to find a faction which she could call home, she hated being alone and decided that searching for a faction may be one way to change this. Two years later, she is still searching and seems to be a very accident prone person, seemingly to cause trouble without meaning to... Reiki wanders the world in search of a faction but does not wish to trouble anyone, she keeps her head down so not to cause trouble even though she is doing so just with her accident prone self. She nearly joined a faction once but was too shy to open up to the people and so she leaves without saying anything. She tries to distance herself from people and so never seems to get near to joining a faction, she knows that she really should just try and talk to people, but seems to have a hard time in doing so.

Face Claim: The girl for the character was called Miki Sayaka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. My character's name was just me looking up Japanese girls names.

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Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf]   Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] EmptyFri Oct 26, 2012 1:26 am

Alrighty , So everything looks pretty good but im going to ask you to change a couple of small things. Make her Ribbon Dance ability her first form. Its to strong for just a single ability and if you do it that way it will make it easier to evolve it into a stronger ability later in the RP. So it shouldnt be much of an issue. But because of this your not allowed to get any faction abilities if you join a faction. Unless you end up joining the trade federation , or i otherwise approve it.

As for the "Sword Merger" , make that its own ability and explain in better how she does it. A little more detail just so i fully understand how the ability works.

Lastly the speed boost , is that a seperate abillity or its own ability all together?

Other than that your profile looks fantastic ^_^
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Posts : 158
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Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf]   Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] EmptyFri Oct 26, 2012 3:32 am

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Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf]   Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf] Empty

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Reiki Ella Kireikaji [lone wolf]
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