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 The Trade Federation

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PostSubject: The Trade Federation   Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:31 pm

Name: The Trade Federation

Alignment: Neutral

Special Rule: Non-Aggression Treaty. This faction shall not show aggression tword any other faction or even its own members. Members doing so shall be exiled and have their mark removed. They shall only act in defense of Themselves , other members of the federation or the city. No other violence will be permitted.

There is one exception to this rule , Known as "Fight Merchant". This means that the person may sell themselves as a battle contestant. As such they can do Mercenary work or compete within arenas and combat tournaments. Violence detected outside their direct line of work will not be permitted however and these members are under constant watch by the Adminstration. So much as a bar fight and they will be mercilessly exiled from the faction.

Location: Zilios

Allegiance: Themselves

Leader: Unknown

Factions Strongest: None

Base of Operations: The Grand Trade - An extremely large city filled with many mercenary guilds , shops , hotels and more. If your looking for it you can either find it here or hire someone here to go find it for you. The city is heavily guarded due to all the mercenaries who make profit from living there. Furthermore to attack this city would result in being removed from their trade agreement , and shut down most of the attacking factions economy. The trade federation is neutral so all are allowed within the walls , and fighting inside the city is punished by Exile.

Source of Power: Otherworldly Gate - A massive structure of unknown origin. Located in the center of the city for all to see. Members of the trade federation use a special ability granted by the mark of the federation , to instantly transport themselves using the gate , to any position they have already been to on the planet. Furthermore , they can "Recall" to the gate at any time as well , bringing with them up to 2 other people at the same time. The gate itself is made of an unknown material that has yet to be damaged. There is no known way to destroy the otherworldly gate at this time.

Ability Overview: They do not have a transformation instead they are given a special ability linked to the Otherworldly Gate. This is described above in the "Source of power" Section. The "Mark of the Federation" is given to every member of the Faction and serves 3 purposes. It allows them they use of the otherworldly gate. Serves as a tracking device as they can be located through the use of the otherworldly gate and Lastly , It prevents hostility from the Federation members. If someone with the mark attacks someone out of anything other than self defence , or kills another person the mark will fade from their body , and the will be exiled from the city.

This mark means that Trade Federation members can post on any continent at any given time. They do not need to make travel posts because they are able to move freely through the use of the gate. The only exception to this is that they can only use this go to places they have been. It is assumed that all members have visited each of the continents at least one time before. However they cannot teleport to random islands throughout the ocean. Travel Posts must be done for these.

Special Note: Members of this faction are allowed to have unique ability or transformation that is not Racial or faction based. This is allowed because this group does not have a transformation.

~Ranking System~
Leader - 1 position
Merchant Lord - Large Revanue , Own a Company (May hire other Merchants)

Grand Merchant - Generated Large Revanue for the Faction (allowed Trade Fleet)
Traveling Merchant - Moderate Revanue , Traveler (Allowed Traveling Cart , and to leave city)
Merchant - Moderate Revanue , In Trade Federation City (Allowed Trade Stand)
Peddler - Low Revanue (allowed to stay within city)
Dog - No Revanue (Dogs are exiled from the Faction if they do not become Peddlers within a year)
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The Trade Federation
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