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 Xerat , The Tech Savvy

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PostSubject: Xerat , The Tech Savvy   Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:00 pm

Name: Xerat

Alignment: Neutral

Location: Talios

Allegiance: Themselves

Leader: Unknown

Factions Strongest: Masters of the Art - There are 5 in total. They all are given special weapons or pieces of technology to use that further boost their combat capabilities. These pieces are "Experimental" meaning that only one of each exists.

Base of Operations: Large city known as "Central City" Automated defenses are located throughout the city to help with its defense in case of attack. The city would almost be modern in style and is the only one to have reached this level of technology. In the center is a large Dome like structure housing the Central Core in an Underground vault deep beneath the city. The dome acts as an entrance to an underground fortress to protect their technology. The inside of the dome is shaped as an arena , where they house many large tournaments with great prizes.

Source of Power: The Central Core - This core gives life to the abilities of the members of Xerat. Many of the mechanical and computer systems run off of this power source as well as most of their central cities automated defence system. To get into the vault its held in 5 card keys are required , these card keys are held by the strongest members of the faction , and all 5 are required to enter. It is not known who is holding them at any one time. Tracking them down would be time consuming. Once inside the vault the Central Core can easily be destroyed by a capable person. Its simply a large mechanical Power Source. This would shut down all technology that runs off of it , thus ending the worlds "Golden Age".

Transformation Overview: Once reaching a certain level within the faction they are welcomed into the true form of it. Parts of the body are replaced with mechanical parts to make them not only more durable but also more capable in their trade.

First Form: There is no variation in this process , Their heart is replaced with a small orb that runs directly off the central cores power. This makes the person stop aging and is considered the "Fountain of youth" Transformation. This is permanent and cannot be undone as the Heart is removed from the body. If the Central Core is Destroyed then the owner will have "Heart Failure" resulting in death.

Second Form: The person is injected with a serum that promotes rapid recovery. Causing even the largest of wounds to quickly recover even in the heat of battle. Furthermore , two of the patients body parts are replaced with working mechanical pieces to strengthen them. However these portions as well as their heart piece will not recover if destroyed.

~Ranking System~
Leader - 2 Positions
Master of the Art - 5 Positions / Strongest
Noble Class - 2nd Form
Citizen Class - 1st Form
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Xerat , The Tech Savvy
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