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 Hogarth Tazim

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PostSubject: Hogarth Tazim   Hogarth Tazim EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 8:52 pm

Hogarth Matrie Tazim

Hogarth Tazim


Mercenary/ Lone Wolf



Hogarth isn't the most friendly of sorts. He doesn't care about what faction or what race he fights for, Only that he get's his payment in full. He only speaks when spoken too, and is only seen if needed to be. He is quite snarky at times along with his slight sense of humor. His voice is gravely from the receiver on the mask. He is a very mellow person, but can't make out any emotions from the mask, only from his actions, which is his hands held up on his head.

~Thoughts about Faction~

(Possible faction/group) His pack is empty of any brothers or sisters.

Hogarth has no family, They were all brutally murdered by his brethren who used their death as a sacrifice, which Hogarth had no problem to do so.

~Important Equipment or Items~

Folding blade: A blade that is hidden under his mask in the back of the head, He walks every where with his hands on top of his head, mainlyin a relaxed position to show no harm until he must un-sheath it.

Head gear: The long beak like face mask is equipped with sensors on the back of the neck to sense any movement behind him, and The lenses on the mask are able to magnify on any surface, as well as what is so called "nightvision" but it is practically just his magick.

Revolving flintlock pistol: It is a very unpractical weapon which only
fires 7 bullets, He carries it for emergencies only. It is fitted into his boot holster.

Spring razors: Hogarth's utility belt holds about only 10 of these, they are pressure sensitive razor springs(Kind of explains itself). The device shoots off the ground when stepped on, When released, it shoots up about four feet and throws razor bladed wires that lob off limbs that reach a length of 10 feet wide and such, they are his main weapons of choice since it is the most practical.


His spirit spells can allow
him to teleport, Time freeze for a maximum of 5 seconds(Technically just increased speed, and reaction time.) The negative repercussions of the spells are that, they can't always help him, let's say if he were to jump off of a building and use the teleport right before he hit the
ground, he would still have broken legs from the velocity. Freezing the time makes him slower after the five seconds are up. Time still keeps with him he just bends it in slight ways, but must keep track of the time in the present.(Better not leave your self open to the first


Amazing dexterity{Very unlikely to get weapon knocked out of his grasp} Blend with shadows {Not only his suite, but his movements are that of a shadows}

Hogarth was a child of surfs that had an abusive father and despicable grand mother (his mother was killed for treason) and Was forced to do all of his fathers work while he was too try and find another mate. Hogarth later in his twenties or so found an old looking artifact, of which was called a "Telepathy Stone" where he obtained information of the unknown cult called the "Sicarii". Hogarth was held prisoner for 8 years for the access to sacred information, but later bested 8 assassins in their own element and was soon know as a brother. After Hogarth's ceremony, the Xerat, which is his home country, military was on the trail of the secret brotherhood. Their whole brotherhood was broken from internal spies in the fortress which was built underground. Hogarth lost his life during this battle against the Xerat military, But was the chosen brother of the group to be reanimated as "The Holy" The Holy Is the infamous god of the brother hood and has chosen Hogarth, not only of his skill, but of his poise and will of The Holy, He is the reincarnation of The Holy in fact. Though in theory he is a zombie, his flesh is not decomposed, which is actually the exact opposite, his skin is as pure as a god dipped in lotion. He conceals him self in the doctor like armor so he brings no attention to himself. After his life was restored, He made an oath to re-create his brother hood with all new members, as well as The powers of The Holy. He stands alone, at the moment with only himself and the use of his equipment, and the lack of charm he has on people, (He's not very friendly). The only possible way to be accepted into the brotherhood is to Injure him in a fight of not only power, but will as well. You also have to be set up for recommendation to his eye or a fellow brother/sister.

Face claim:(NPC)Assassin from (video game) Dishonored.

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PostSubject: Re: Hogarth Tazim   Hogarth Tazim EmptyTue Oct 30, 2012 1:28 am

People seemed to be having trouble finding the code for the Profile formatting so i went ahead and moved it to the top of the Profiles. If you would copy the text from inside the box that is labeled "Code" on the profile page and paste your information into that i would greatly appreciate it. As this make's it easier to look through your profile and is pleasing to my eye.

As for a picture of the suit which i saw you said you couldnt post a link , There is already an IMG code inside the code for the profile so if you simply post the link inside that code it will display the picture as long as its a direct link to the picture. (You can right click and hit Copy Img URL)

So now on to the good stuff. I like that your going for an Assasin mercinary type However i need you to do a couple things involving his story. Please seperate his "Family" section from his "History" section. I set it up for history to be at the bottom so please be inspired to follow my profile format. ^_^

As for his "resurection" if you want to keep this in the profile i need you to be much more in depth about how they ended up bringing him back. What type of ritual did they use what did it involve? Was it a once in a lifetime thing or can it be done again.

As for your group that you talk about i wont label it as a faction just yet but if you become good enough and time says we could use an assasin faction i might give you an upgrade of sorts and let you become a faction after some time. This might or might not happen it depends on where the Story ends up going in the future as well as your own personal ability ^_^ I look forward to reading through your updated profile and all changes can be made using the "Edit" Icon on the top of your Post. Make another post to bump and let me know when your ready.
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Posts : 158
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Rank:: True Dragon
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PostSubject: Re: Hogarth Tazim   Hogarth Tazim EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 12:18 am

Your profile has remained inactive for awhile now , please edit and bump your profile or this topic will be archived on 11-20-12
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PostSubject: Re: Hogarth Tazim   Hogarth Tazim Empty

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Hogarth Tazim
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