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 Camilla Bendenrach

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PostSubject: Camilla Bendenrach   Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:34 pm

Name: Camilla Bendenrach
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Faction: Azure
Starting Rank: Outcast
Height: 5'10
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Style/Color: Her auburn hair is worn short and unkempt around her head, just coming down above her eyes.
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Camilla is a toned young woman, but my no means overly muscular, as this would impede her flexibility.
Clothing: Having very little money for actual armor or clothing of any real quality at the time, their regular clothing consists of a dirtied brown and black top that cuts off at their midriff, leaving their lower torso exposed to the elements. Thin metal plates line her shoulders, elbows, and knees. Her pants are made of the same material and are baggy, allowing for optimum mobility.

Personality: Feeling a great amount of disdain towards established governing bodies and authority on a whole, Camilla is a self proclaimed anarchist. Because of this objection to the controlling of masses of individuals, she has developed what at first glance is complete and utter control over her own feelings; allowing her to make all of her own decisions without the interference of emotional factors. Leading her life in this way, Camilla could effectively oppose the established laws without endangering herself. Of course, as a human, she is incapable of truly escaping the influence of bias, and a mass of emotions churn beneath the outwardly calm visage, years of marinating in the pestilence of hate making them unstable and unpredictable sentiments. This makes her cold, as she feels no empathy even for those who agree with her outlandish views. Under most circumstances, when in agreeable company, she is cool headed, well mannered individual who is generally in dour humor. The exact opposite becomes apparent in combat situations, where her true nature, one of unstable, hate-fueled jealousy and greed.

Family: Over the last four years, Camilla has entirely cut contact with her family, much of her inner-animosity landing squarely upon their innocent shoulders. With grandparents, a mother and father, and five siblings living happily in Azurine, the only times during which she would be pleased with their presence is a funeral for nine, or standing above their mangled corpses.

Background: Camilla was born into greed, the single aspect that still controls her like a puppeteer to this day. As an infant, she would constantly scream and wail for more of every luxury that surrounded her, food, linen, clothing. Even when at an age where comprehension of possession was impossible Camilla craved nothing but more. As she matured into a young woman, her desire for grandiose objects, money, and luxuries only grew in strength. The true change in her actions was that the pursuit was now self led, insecurity refusing the help of others. Expressing an unnatural amount of ability in combat, the need to obtain driving her to physical limits, she was accepted into the Knight's Academy where she was trained for years, and successfully graduated with Honors.
Loved and respected by those who knew her, it took increasingly less effort to come into possession of her fancies, still the countless gifts from others proved insufficient. Thus, thievery became a common practice in her life, Camilla would steal nearly anything that she could get her grip on, money, food, even petty trifles such as key chains. All of this unchivalrious behavior was carried out under the guise of a public servant, one who was meant to give all of what they had to the betterment of the population. As time wore on, her transformations were shaped and contorted by these injustices.
Of course, as one would expect, her duplicity could not go unnoticed forever. One evening, during the cold winters, while volunteering at a homeless shelter giving out food to the needful, she was discovered to have been hiding huge shipments of food in order to keep them for herself and be devoured later. It mattered not to her that the quality of the sustenance at her own home was far superior, the simple notion of another having what she lacked was enough to drive her into a self-centered frenzy. When at last found to be who she really was, society stripped Camilla of her status and cast her from the cities limits to be left in solitude and exposed to the elements of the cruel winter. With a family that now placed together the pieces of a puzzle their daughter had been creating for years, Camilla lacked support even from them.
Thus her aversion to government was born. Rules and regulations dared to deny her what it was she craved for. Between her own needs and her loyalties, it took her no time at all to decide upon her next plan of action. Intending to bring down the governments of the world in order to easier pursue her own needs, Camilla has turned into a hateful beast of a human being, caring about nothing more than herself and the meager physical objects now in her possession.
Thoughts about their Faction: As with all manifestations of society, Camilla positively loathes Azure along with every other faction, her fancies are to individuals exclusively, primarily herself.

Important Equipment or Items:
Weapon: Camilla is equipped with an odd sort of pole-arm, a 5 foot metal shaft ending in a crescent moon shaped blade. Along the other rim of this cutting instrument are rectangular notches, as if it was once a part of a gear and had been groundd into a fine cutting edge. On the other end of her staff is a short chain dangling from which is a rusted silver bell.

Special abilities or Spells:
-Needful Bloodline: This is a special spell that allows Camilla to drain the essential life energy from others with whom she has shared blood or other bodily fluids such a saliva. However, a ritual is required to do so and immense portions of her attention are required to pull it off successfully. Because of this, if Camilla happens to have any sort of bodily material enter another individual, it takes her much less time to heal as the healthful energy in other is utilized to restore her own wellness.

-Gymnastics: Especially limber, she is capable of jumping impressive distances, pole-vaulting with her scythe, and performing similar ministrations such a splits of back flips.

First Form: Der Blutverlust
This is a technique that is activated by the utterance of, "Insatiable hunger be appeased by ravenous indulgence, Dalgis Godumo." When under the influence of this spell, Camilla gains a boost in her tenacity, allowing her to take more damage before it becomes detrimental to her speed or strength. However, the more frightening aspect lies in its uncanny ability for sucking the very life out of Camilla's opponents. Any blood that lands upon the scythe, rather it be the blade or the shaft, is absorbed into the metal and transferred into the wielder. Therefore, with each blow that lands it's mark, the opponent loses strength, and Camilla gains it. If an individual loses their life to this ability, not only is their strength gone, but Camilla also comes into possession of their knowledge and memories, essentially eating their very soul.
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla Bendenrach   Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:46 am

Der Blutverlust - I think this may be too op. It has no weaknesses and a whole lot of power. Maybe give a weakness so that it's not as easy for you to hit someone. There has to be some kind of weakness. Also give a duration. If it was small, you could use that and something smaller in proportions as a weakness to what you would have to with a bigger duration. So what I mean is the lower the duration, the more of a weakness it becomes.

Needful Bloodline - Could you give a duration for this? How long does the ritual last and how long can you suck the energy?

Sorry you didn't get to get this finished in one go but make sure to edit everything into your first one. Hope we get this done soon. ^^


“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?" asked Piglet. "Even longer." Pooh answered.”
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla Bendenrach   Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:21 pm

Oh wow, I read your response and was really confused. But that's when I noticed that the "Weaknesses" section of my word document didn't get copied when I pasted this into the text box. Anyways, I think I've got what your asking for, are these short comings sufficient?

Weaknesses: There are several disadvantageous factors that can cause Camilla to be an underdog in a physical conflict. With the power and knowledge stealing effects of Der Blutverlust kick in, the differing memories can cause extreme discombobulation and confusion, occasionally causing her to forget who she is or what her motives are as they are mixed with those of her victim for up to an hour and a half, a hefty price to pay for the techniques duration of 45 minutes. Because of this, it is rare that she will use this as anything less than a finishing blow to sap all of the strength from an opponent in a single, fatal blow. However, in the event that her life is at risk, or she is threatened with debilitating injury, she would sooner risk the consequences of temporary lapse in personality, than surrender a limb or her life. Her Needful Bloodline, while frightening is highly improbable as the amount of energy she can drain from an individual is directly proportional to the measure of her blood in their body ( ex: 5 pints of blood is the amount necessary to kill another person. Therefore, 1 pint= 20% of the sufferers life. ), and can only be used before the blood is excreted from the body. Frequently, it requires a willing participant, as it proves difficult to trick one into drinking or consuming blood. Furthermore, this technique takes up all of her concentration and doing anything else simultaneously, or considerable distractions make this process impossible.
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla Bendenrach   Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:58 am

OoooOOOooo , i thought about making a similar power at one time ^_^. Also if you didnt know OP = Over Powered , Meaning to strong to fight other players with.

Anyways , ive got a better idea of where i would want this to go so im going to take this one over since its a little more of an advanced power than simply a transforming blade. So i like the idea but were going to break this bad boy down so that its understandable to me , you as well as others exactly what it does and how bad its going to get at what point. However before i go on to powers i have one request.

Please use the format that was given in the "Code" section of the profile skeleton. Since people were having trouble finding it i moved it to the top of the profile. Simply copy the text inside the "Code" box and paste it to whatever your using to make your profile , then paste the information into the appropriate sections and repost it above. You can do this using the "Edit" function at the top of the original post you made containing your profile. And thank you in advance for doing this for me. Also when you do this it will make it easier to add a picture to your profile as well.

~On to your powers.~
So first things first were going to break this down post by post , wound by wound. Im also going to ask that the power itself be changed ever so slighty. How i want it to work is not off "How much blood" the blade absorbs but the "Number of wounds" it inflicts. The power will still the the same however. What im saying is that the blade will naturally absorb the blood as it slashs through the victim unless the person has something that would prevent their blood from flowing properly. The deeper the mark left the more "Stacks" you gain of your power untill you react its maximum form. The "Deep Cut" system as i will refer to it goes like this.

Scratch - 0 stacks

Mild Cut - 1 Stack

Large area cut = 2 Stacks

Severed Limb/Blade penetrates directly through the body = 3 Stacks

As a limiter for this power you may only gain 1 set of stacks per turn and you will gain it from whatever the highest amount of damage caused was. (In example if you cause 2 decent cuts you only gain 1 stack , but if you cut them then remove their arm you would gain 3 stacks from the severed Limb) Also you will start each fight at 0 Stacks and will have a limit you can reach as to keep RP's Fair but it will be a bit higher than most will reach in first form.

Now your going to do the next part. Since i made the system for gaining stacks your going to set what kind of effects you can at what level of stacks. Start slow with only minor boosts and build up to the more powerful stuff near the end. Be detailed on how strong she is becoming in comparison to the last set of stacks or her genaric form so i can really understand whats going on ^_^

0 Stacks - Base form

1 Stack - (Slight Buff to 1 stat , not much)

5 Stacks - (Moderate buff to 1 stat , starting to power up)

8 Stacks - (Moderate buff to another stat , different from 5 stack stat)

10 Stacks (5 Stack Buff Becomes Stronger , Might i Suggest the gaining of an ability that will use stacks to in an attack?)

15 Stacks (Both the 8 Stack and 5 Stack Stats become powerful this will put you at the top of the First Transformationt tier and make a formidable opponent)

25 Stacks - The Danger zone , your body is not capable of witholding the power of this many stacks . its beginig to fall apart and wounds are starting to appear on you. However in this state you gain heightened senses and your speed and strength are in a phenominal condition. However this can only last for 3 turns total before it breaks you down. Once you leave this state (Through use of an ability or the turn timer ends) you will revert to 10 stacks. For the duration of the rest of the fight you cannot surpass 10 stacks.

(Sorry , if you dont want to do the 25 stacks thing you dont have to i just thought it would add some power , and some fun RP chances , to your character. It also allows for you to surpass most 1st Transformation (MOST) for a short amount of time , but with a massive drawback if you dont finish the job. Its all up to you and ill sort through the rest of your profile shortly once you fix the formatiing.
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla Bendenrach   Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:18 am

Your profile has remained inactive for awhile now , please edit and bump your profile or this topic will be archived on 11-20-12
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PostSubject: Re: Camilla Bendenrach   

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Camilla Bendenrach
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