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 Azure , The Weapon Masters

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PostSubject: Azure , The Weapon Masters   Azure , The Weapon Masters EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 3:45 pm

Name: Azure

Alignment: Good

Location: Helios

Allegiance: Themselves

Leader: Unknown

Factions Strongest: Azure Knights - They are the only ones who have attained the second transformation. 7 Positions in Total.

Base of Operations: The capital city "Azurine" - The city itself is built into the side of a mountain , using the mountains as walls they furthered their defenses by building a large wall around the entire city with only one entrance. A large castle gate opens into the mountain itself where they have built a fortress great for defending the city , as well as housing their source of power. The city itself is said to be impenetrable.

Source of Power: Chains of the Soul - The chains are connected to different orbs in the center of the room. A person is chained down for several days as the chains pull at different portions of the soul. After the third day the chains will fall from the person as he is no longer of this realm , for the next half hour the person cannot leave the room , but is however able to make contact with their inner soul , otherwise known as a secondary personality. If they are able to come to an understanding with this persona they will be able to summon it in the real world in the form of a weapon. This weapon varies from person to person and each of them has a different name.

Transformation Overview: Each person's weapon will vary greatly in shape , style and ability. Before attaining the first form of the weapon they must first be able to manifest its basic form in the real world , then undergo training to release its first form.

First Form: The weapon takes on a new shape and grats the user a boost to a single stat (Strength , stamina , recovery , Speed , reflex's) and also it grants a technique as well. Transformation is done by saying the release words along with the weapons name. Example: 'Shine (release words) , Blade of Justice!(weapon name)

Second Form: True form of the weapon , and at this point it begins to merge with its host changing the form of the host as well as when they speak they have a double voice , since two personas have merged into one. They receive a significant boost to combat ability as well as gaining many powerful new techniques. form is attained after much training and is released with the words "Merge , (Insert weapon name)".

~Ranking System~

Leader - 1 Position
Azure Knight - 5 Positions - Strongest / Attained Second Form
Knight - Mastered First Form
Apprentice - Attained First Form
Trainee - Manifested Weapon
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Azure , The Weapon Masters
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