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 Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP]

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Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP]   Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP] EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 1:20 pm

Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP] (Picture Link Here)


Full Name:
Luna Alyssa Fallon

Ali or Aly, Fall.

appears 18


Birth place:
(What continent was he/she born on?)

(What faction is your character in?)

(What kind of job does your character have?)

(What rank do you want to start as , Most will start at lowest to mid rank)

(What does your character like to do in his spare time?)

Marksmenship- She can hit a target sever yards away withought them even knowing what hit them.


(Does your character have any important family? If not what happened to them?)

(Where did your character come from , is there anything special about it.)

Back story:
(The history of your character can be as long as you want. But at a minimum i want one good sized paragraph.)


Sex: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 108lbs
Build: slender and lightly muscled
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: sun kissed brown
Eyes: blue with a rim of golden brown around the pupil
Left/Right Handed: Right
How does s/he dress:
baggy dark pants with several pockets and a tight tanktop or shirt. she prefers this to the skirts and dresses other girls wear.

A necklace with a silver fairie hanging off it

she moves with grace and acts with kindness most time but if someone ticks her off that grace becomes dangerous.

she sound in between a high voice and a low though its is dainty like almost sing song.


~What does this character think/feel about~
The opposite sex:Hmm Guys are quiet the interesting species
Politics: Undeicided
Religion: not a real religiouse type but dose belive their is some higher being out there.
Science: interesting for it come in handy when makeing things explode
Drugs and alcohol:drug no thanks alchol bring it on!
Killing/Murder: If she must she will do it but you hit her first and you're going down
Life: live it to the fullest
Death: It will come when it comes
Society: screw it she prefers to stay in the shadows
Personality: kind and caring she is normaly quiet and observes. Just don't tick her off for her mood will do a 180 and you'll meet the 'I hate your guts' side of her.
State of the world: "Wow isn't this just a mess?"
Their own Faction:

~Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes~

Secret desires: she wishes for someone to love her someone who will keep held close and cared for.
How do they express themselves: she sing or writes to express herself.
Most at ease when: when reading or singing.. sometimes even fighting.
Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: isn't easily provoaked
Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: her silence
Greatest Fear:a death that is meaningless and being helpless to save the ones she loves.
Phobias/Insecurities:being forced to talk infront of large groups of people.

~Likes and Dislikes~

Likes: Guys dogs cats fereets singing drawing writing and instrauments
Dislikes:snakes jerks bullies

Colour:shades of blue
Clothing: Pants and baggy shirts
Animal: Ferrets and dogs are tied in her mind

~Least Favorite ~
Colour: pink
Clothing: dresses
Food/drinks: spinich
Animal: Snakes and spiders
Motto/Personal quote: "Don't Ever look back because if you do You'll never move foward."
Most prized possession: the necklace with a silver fairie on it along with a dagger from her father.


Marital status: Single
Loves: None
First crush No one
Best Friends: None
Friends: None
Hates :None
Dislikes: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Pets :


Element: (Only 1 , If any)

~Personal Spells/Abilities~

(These abilities are Unique to your character and have little to nothing to do with your faction. Be very detailed with these abilities and your are allowed a maximum of 3)

~Transformation/Form Skills~

(Put your first form here if you have one , If not then please put "Does not Transform" in this area and the next area.

~First Form Skills~

( Any special abilties that can be used in your first form. You may only start with 2 abilities attached to your first form unless otherwise stated by your faction. Again be detailed.)



(List any special equipment your character has here. Limited to 2 items to start with. Make sure to describe its abilities fully and in Detail.)


(If you have a pet place information about it here. Limit 1 non-battle pet for starting)

[u]Face Claim:
(Character Name - Anime/Game/Show its from)

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Character Information
Rank:: True Dragon
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Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP]   Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP] EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 12:19 am

Your profile has remained inactive for awhile now , please edit and bump your profile or this topic will be archived on 11-20-12
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Luna Alyssa Fallon [faction name] [WIP]
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