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 Faction Creation Skeleton (MUST USE)

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Faction Creation Skeleton (MUST USE) Empty
PostSubject: Faction Creation Skeleton (MUST USE)   Faction Creation Skeleton (MUST USE) EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 3:03 pm


(Good , Evil , Neutral. This effects what characters from this Faction will be like. Good - The Faction promotes good acts , and often helps others. Evil - The faction promotes bad actions such as attacking a town to murder. Neutral - The Faction doesnt promote good or evil actions , and often is made of both types of members. Often it greatly promotes self growth or will have special rules that accompany it.)

Location: (Where is your Faction Located)

Allegiance: (Who are they sworn to , Another Faction , Themselves?)

Leader: (Who currently leads this faction , if Unknown put Unknown.)

Factions Strongest: (What is the name of the Squad or group that represent the strongest members of the faction. Are they given anything special? How many Positions are there?)

Base of Operations: (What is your factions main base like , where is it located , What is it called. If they have more than one feel free to list them all.)

Source of Power: (Every Faction has one of these. This is not only what helps them attain their power , but also the basis of the factions existance. It could range from being a mystical artifact , to a gateway to another dimension. This is also the source of a factions elimination. When captured the faction is considered "Defeated" and is forced to do the bidding of the controlling faction. However if it is Destroyed the faction is considered "Disbanded" and is no longer in existance , all living members become "Rouge" and must find a new faction in some way. The destruction of their source might also result in the loss of transformation or the death of everyone who uses it. Be descriptive and make sure to include what must be done to destroy the source as well.)

Transformation Overview: (A basic explination of the overall use of the factions transformation. What effects it has on them , and how it ties into the power source)

First Form: (What is the process done to attain first form , How does it work.)

Second Form: (again explain the process but make sure not to be too specific , you want to give your members some variance in what they can do , or do you? Its your choice)

Ranking System (Put your Factions ranking system here and the requirements to reach each rank. And how many positions are open the Leader and Factions strongest Sections.)
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Faction Creation Skeleton (MUST USE)
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