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 First Ark: The Flames of War!

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Character Information
Rank:: True Dragon
Race:: Human

PostSubject: First Ark: The Flames of War!   Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:44 am

War has broke out between Dragons blood and Azure. Both sides of the conflict are calling for members and mercinaries to help them seize control of the region. The mighty Azure has been slowly dwindling in power of the years while Dragons Blood has done naught but grow. Dragons Blood looks to overthrow Azure's rule by way of force and make itself the dominating faction of Helios.

Both the Trade Federation and Xerat have claimed nuetrality in this conflict and have told the members of their faction that they may participate freely within the dispute aiding whichever side they see fit. The Trade federation has also stated that fighting outside of the mercinary line of work will be strictly prohibited and result in immediate removal from the Federation if disputes were to take place.

Both sides are offering high rewards for completion of assigned tasks. These rewards can be claimed by both mercinaries as well as the members of each faction represented. Both sides ask that wounded soilders remain off the battle field untill fully healed to prevent death. Both sides also ask that no mercy be shown to the enemy , it is for their beliefs and ideals that they fight!

~Injury Ratings~
At the end of each topic a Mod or Admin will post each players "Injury Rating" this will amount to how many days Must pass before that player can take part in a mission again. Furthermore , for those recieving no Injury i you may only participate in 1 mission every 2 days. If your not assigned a special mission you may do any of the "Open" mission that are posted on the board. The injury ratings are as follows:

No Injury: Wait one day before another participation.

Minor Injury: Heal for 2 days before participation.

Moderate Injury: Heal for 4 days before another participation

Major Injury: Heal for 1 week before next participation.

Critically wounded: Participation Restricted , you have served your time.

Note:The Mods and Admins decisions are Final. Furthermore you may still RP in other areas while wounded. However you character will carry these wounds for said amount of days. Members of Xerat have healing time's cut in half.

Note:That being said , you may still participate in a mission while injured. But you run the risk of becoming "Critically Wounded" and will have to fight with the injury you have taken. Furthermore , if you participate while "Critically Wounded" you risk the death of your character. So i would recommend avoiding this at all costs.
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Posts : 158
Gold : 2850
Join date : 2012-01-02

Character Information
Rank:: True Dragon
Race:: Human

PostSubject: Re: First Ark: The Flames of War!   Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:23 am

~Dragons Blood~
Zekaire Azure - Mercinary - Dragons Blood
Phoenix Obsidian - Mercinary - Dragons Blood
Reiki Kireikaji - Mercinary - N/A

Nova Gasai - Mercinary - Azure

Min Ito - Healer & Merchant - Trade Federation

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First Ark: The Flames of War!
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