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 History "Rise and Fall of Old Kingdom"

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History "Rise and Fall of Old Kingdom" Empty
PostSubject: History "Rise and Fall of Old Kingdom"   History "Rise and Fall of Old Kingdom" EmptyThu Oct 11, 2012 6:42 am

We shall begin during the rise of Old Kingdom. It became known as the strongest of nations and shaped out the alliance and foundations of the world today because of the ferocity of its attacks and the unfairness of its rule. But let us start during its rise.

The first faction leader of Old Kingdom was a peaceful man in nature. He built up his faction after finding the source of power known as "Omega" Omega had a power like none of the other factions had ever seen before. It infected its people with an extreme power giving them combat capeability far beyond that of any of the other factions of the time. Howeverr the First used it only to protect those he cared for , and to heal those who were gravely wounded. Its even been spoken that Omega had the power to bring back the dead. However what the first missed about Omega , his son found,

In the end , The son of the first , named Othello Ba'Mund , killed his father before his people. "Omega is a weapon , and we shall use it" he said upon the day he took control of Old Kingdom. And he kept his word. Using the power of Omega he constructed a flying fortress and within the year began to invate other factions. Factions that did not bend to his will were mercilessly removed from history.

Within a year using the power given to his army through Omega and the speed of his flying fortress "Golden Kingdom" he ensnared the entire planet within his grasp. Revolts soon stopped as it was found that none could match the power of his armies. However , Othello the Mad would soon grow bored of having all this power. What ever would he do with a weapon he couldnt fire? His answer came not long after peace had been established.

Any faction that had been amassing power or warriors began to be attacked. He demanded that they turned over their sources of power. Quite a few nations agreed to this and their sources of power were givin function upon Golden Kingdom. The ones he had no use for he simply destroyed. However , not all nations would so easily hand over their way of life , the ones that stood in resistance were easily destroyed.

Soon reports reached Othello that a few of his squads had been decimated. He was confused at first , how could even a single member of his army be defeated. He shook it off as a fluke until the second report reached his doorstep. "Who , WHO IS KILLING MY MEN?" he called to the messenger. And he was informed "A small faction that goes by the name of Azure". Othellos rage was intense and he demanded that course be changed for the location of Azure , surely they could not stand against Golden Kingdom itself.

But he could have never known what awaited him. Azure had on intentions of endagering the people in the city. Given aid by many of the other nations they lead a Rebellion right down the throat of Golden Kingdom. Intending to knock it right from the sky. Over the vast ocean a massive battle raged , the Azure warriors outclassed the Omega induced warriors of Old Kingdom. In a fit of rage King Othello himself took to the battle. While locked into battle with the leader of Azure the engines of Golden Kingdom were broken apart and the flying fortress began to fall. This meant little though , the battle continued as it plumetted tword the open waters below.

Eventually the battle was halted as water broke apart the Fortress. It began to sink into the depths as those aboard finished their battles and began to frantically flee for their lives , attempting to find a route of escape from the black depths of a watery grave. Golden Kingdom itself would descent deep within however , and this would be the last seen of it , Omega and all the sources of power that had been kept within. It was a great loss for the world , but it was the price that had to be paid for freedom from the Mad King Othello.

Its entirely unsure of the outcome of the battle , however Azure was the one left standing in the end , helped to stand by the many allies it had made to prepare for battle against Old Kingdom. The two allies providing the most resources were of course The Trade Federation and Xerat. And it was not long after that the grounds for todays ruling system were made to prevent the rise of another Old Kingdom. However , after the battle , Azures leader had been crippeled beyond repair. No amount of healing would ever give him back the use of his limbs. He was being tended to inside the trade federation but after a few days dissappeared without a trace , never to be seen again.

Peace was once again set upon the world , and after the dissappearence of the Azure leader a new one was brought fourth. One of the Azure knights who had fought aboard Golden Kingdom. And a warrior of worth. He along with the other leaders helped to drive into the golden age that is you currently live in. So what will you do with the age that was left for you? Well , thats the choice they left for you , an open road to shape as you see fit.......
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History "Rise and Fall of Old Kingdom"
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