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 Things you need to Know about this RP.

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PostSubject: Things you need to Know about this RP.   Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:42 am

This will be a quick information grab for people who are taking a look at the site to help them understand the workings of this RP. I will be doing this in Bullet point form to make it easy to understand and to help get my point across.

~ Almost all factions can be joined in one way or another , and all factions can also be destroyed in one way or another. Though you will find that some are much , MUCH harder to remove from existence than others.

~ Depending on what faction is destroyed it may have Dire consequences on the entire planet. Some of the larger factions would have a much more detrimental effect when destroyed than some of the smaller ones.

~ This RP is about War in its many forms. Though there may be times of Peace and treaties between the many factions , as the site grows so will the scale of the battle and those it effects. One should always be prepared for battle as you never know when a New Faction may make its move on you. Sometimes though , war is not as plainly stated as it may seem. Though this does not mean it is strictly combat based RP , so please dont be confused ^_^;

~ Almost All powers in this RP are Derived from your faction. When leaving a faction you may have your powers taken from you , or in some cases , these powers may only be available through a certain item , or exposure to a certain place. Everything is different however a users powers and abilities must be approved before they can be used in battle. And some will be denied because they do not fit in with your Faction.

~ I said "Almost" all powers. Your character may have one ability or set of abilities that does not pertain to your faction. I'm far more likely to allow these types of things in factions that have very narrow abilities. Or one that does not have any type of Transformation System. However I'm not going to allow something like "Has the power to control all the elements" because it would just be to powerful. I am trying to make it an even playing field after all.

~ When your faction is Destroyed or you leave it , you will lose your powers. Joining a new faction will start you off in stage one of their system. In a few rare cases i may change this rule. Though this will most likely be for Story purposes.

If you have any questions , or know of anything that should be added to this list please inform me. Ill be glad to help.
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Things you need to Know about this RP.
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