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 Who are the enemies of all?

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Who are the enemies of all? Empty
PostSubject: Who are the enemies of all?   Who are the enemies of all? EmptySun Sep 30, 2012 5:58 am

Well of course this is a group of people who will be our "Main Evil" or our strongest opponents. Their bio's will be smaller than others due to them being more of an NPC than a real Character. These character will most definitely be overpowered as the idea behind them is to have people come together to defeat them.

Sometimes , when doing battle with one of these people , you will be unable to win under any circumstances. You may receive crippling injurys or Special conditions that you must fight under. Also you will find that these enemies will be "God Modding" this is similar to when your playing a game and a cutscene is introduced to intensify the battle or create a special condition. If they do something that directly effects your character then what was done is applied to the fight and cannot be deflected or dodged. Only Experts will play these characters.

As for battles that can be won. Patience is key , eventually something will happen and an opening will prevent itself. In Some cases simply finding the weakness wont be enough , you may have to fight them again at a later , and knowing of this weakness will be a 1 up for you. But that by no means is going to make this an easy fight.

Upon the arrival of one of these enemies you will be giving a warning Sign alerting you to the danger , and they will not make a move to attack on their entrance. However the post will be detailed out so that you will get an understand of the conditions he might apply or the level of danger you are in. If the battle cant be won , then it will be stated in the warning at the top of the post. It will look something like this.


Odin has arrived on the battlefield , The sight of Victory has faded from your view! Those who do not wish to do combat with this monstrosity please flee the battlefield!

(Odins Post here)

So with that you know whats coming guys. If your the type of person who cant let your character lose , then please have you character make a fleeing post , either from fear , injury or whatever you want. Now Just because it doesnt say you cant win doesnt mean that you will win. Depending on your ability , your course of action and how long ive been driving it , you may still lose. If something doesnt look like its having an effect then you might want to try a new tactic. If its a character that you NEED to defeat and no one figures out the weakness ill make a thread to allow you to discover the weakness. Depending on who is controlling the thread the outcome might be different. If im not running the thread i will tell the person who is if they are going to win or lose in the end. So keep in mind , im always watching! Often times winning against one of these characters will have a large reward for everyone involved , INCLUDING the ones that he may have already beaton. So just because you cant win doesnt mean theres no reward.

You should get the idea from that. Anyways, If you have an idea for an evil character let me know , i may even give some of you a chance to play one , but only if your a trusted member.
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Who are the enemies of all?
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