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 Character Limitations

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Character Limitations Empty
PostSubject: Character Limitations   Character Limitations EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 6:17 pm

Ok so a few important things that everyone is going to need to know from this point on.

  • Respect all Admins and Mods. The decision they make on your profile is final. No arguing about it or trying to say how you could make it work. We will be grading powers harshly to keep the balance of the RP in tact. If they say something needs to be changed , then change it! They got their position because they are trusted to handle things in the manner i want them to , violation of this rule will get you warned and banned very quickly from my forum. I expect all of you to act in a civil manner when dealing with anyone.

  • This forum will run of an anime style avatar system. What i mean by the is your character and face claims must be of the Anime variety. Since this is an original story ill allow anything from any series. If you use a extremely popular character however i may be forced to grade you slightly more harshly because i don't want any characters simply being reproduced in an overpowered form on my site. This also means that i will not be allowing "Real" images or pictures of real people within the forum. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

  • Im allowing up to 3 Characters per person right now , this is subject to change at any time and you can only control 1 Character that holds any strongest title in any Faction.

  • Lone wolf or rogue characters are allowed.

  • A group of characters that acts together but has no source of power may name themselves , but they are not considered a faction until a source of power is found. They can attain a source of power through a admin approved RP , Or by taking a source of power from another faction to use as they see fit.

  • Changing Factions. Yes you can change factions and because of the change in source of power this will have a chance at a few different ways this can work out. When changing factions you have to have it ok'ed by an admin and they will choose what happens to your characters transformations. The options are as follows.

    A - The source of power merges its own power with the old source of power , combining into a new unforeseen transformation of unknown ability. The chances of this happening are very low.

    B - The New source overrides the old source and you start at Stage one of the transformation system for the new power source. Most Common.

    C - The New source fails to override the old , and you keep your old powers. Player must request this)

    D - The sources Fracture the body leaving you unable to use either of the transformation systems for awhile , after the break you may choose to adopt any new source of power but your body will need time to rest before you can do so. Known as the Clean Slate , very low chance.

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Character Limitations
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