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 Fairy Tail Forever

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PostSubject: Fairy Tail Forever   Fairy Tail Forever EmptySun Jan 06, 2013 4:43 pm

[url=]Fairy Tail Forever YHFK9[/url]
The Fairy Tail Anime / Manga characters do not exist here.
Fairy Tail Face Claims are allowed though!

Fiore X874

kingdom of Fiore has risen from the ashes after many years of civil
unrest. The Magic Council has gained new additions, and the Guilds are
growing in power once again. The Legal Guilds represent the light side
of the magical world while the Dark Guilds cast large shadows over the
land as they fight for power.

While the people of Fiore may have
calmed down, the Legal and Dark Guilds have not forgotten the battle.
Both sides know that this is but the calm before the storm, and are
trying to gather as many powerful and talented Mages as possible. The
search for powerful hidden artifacts and forbidden rites continues, and
soon many of Fiore's secrets will be uncovered.

In these strange
times, many Mages have become ambitious and intend to influence the
magical world greatly and in different ways. Many dream of creating a
Guild of their own, becoming a Wizard Saint, attaining glory and fame.
Others dream smaller dreams, finding a place where they belong, the path
they are to walk, the person they are to be with. This world, full of
adventure and greatness is within reach.

All you have to do is extend your hand.


to Fairy Tail Forever! This is a brand-spanking-new Rp forum straight
from the minds of fellow Fairy Tail lovers such as yourself! Here at
FTF, we want just one thing. To have fun! Were here to bring you the
Fairy Tail experience that you've always longed for! You can do a
variety of things such as..

Create Custom Magic!
you have a special magic in mind, or one that you thought would or
should have been in the anime? You can make it here! We currently have
numerous Dragon Slayer spots open, and we accept custom types as

Create Your Own Guild!
you don't want to join one of the guilds that are already established,
you can make one of your own! You'll have free reign about how your
guild runs, and how you want to make it! You can make your own version
of Fairy Tail, or one of the sinister dark guilds!

Make Powerful Teams!
you want to make your own Team Natsu? Or one just like it? Well you and
your friends can make your own team to take down all kinds of

Create Unique Equipment & Pets!
at FT Forever, you can make or buy powerful and strange weapons, armor,
and pets to help you out in battle! Can you use that creative mind of
yours to make the ultimate weapon, or the cutest creature alive?

Go On Death-defying Missions!
wanted to go on one of the signature jobs that are often seen in Fairy
Tail? Here, you can! We've got missions galore, and we just keep adding
more! We have put our own spin on the dice rolling use in combat by
adding different techniques that you can use to spice up your spells and
your posts!

There is a lot to offer here at Fairy Tail Forever,
and we can't wait to share it with you! If your interested, please click
the picture above!

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Fairy Tail Forever
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