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 Zero Prophecy , Legacy of the Lost

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PostSubject: Zero Prophecy , Legacy of the Lost   Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:47 pm

Name: Zero Prophecy

Alignment: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Allegiance: None

Leader: Unknown

Factions Strongest: Zero Requiem - Little is known about them , but its rumored that even a single member of the group can take down an entire army.

Base of Operations: Unknown

Source of Power: Unknown

Transformation Overview: Little is known as of yet about the group. And none of shown any type of transformation , however a few of their abilities have been verified.

First Form: Unknown

Second Form: Unknown

Abilities: These are abilities that they have been known to show.

Summoning Spell: This allows them to summon Henchmen at any time , normally in groups of 5 to 10. Also on a few occasions they have summoned much more powerful beings into the realm. (Requres Graves Unit or Above)

Realm Shift: They seem to fade from reality on command , little is known about this spell but it differs greatly from the use of the otherworldy gate of the trade federation since instead of simply vanishing they become distorted and intangible then fade away. (Requires Zero Captain or Above)

~Ranking System~
Leader - 1 position
Zero Requiem - 7 positions / Strongest of the Faction (Second Form)
Grave Unit - Strongest of the Soilders
Zero Captain - Squad Leader (First Form)
Zero Soilder - Squad Member
Initiate - Untrained Survivor
Faithful - Those who have taken the Pledge , but remain Untested
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Zero Prophecy , Legacy of the Lost
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