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 Important Announcement!

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Important Announcement! Empty
PostSubject: Important Announcement!   Important Announcement! EmptyTue Dec 04, 2012 3:01 am

I understand that as of late ive been really slow to be on my own site , this is because ive been spending alot of time in the hospital due to lack of medication. In the past week ive been in the hospital three times which really takes away from the time i can spend online.

So knowing this as well as the fact that min is very busy as last i knew ill need to be promoting someone to help cover things in our absence and it will have to be someone i can trust to run things properly and that i expect to fully uphold the rules in my absence. Furthermore , he will not be allowed to approve his own things if i catch this happening , or any other rules being broken he will be removed.

As such i would like to announce that i am Promoting Rook/Phoenix to Global Moderator. I hope that he can make up for the absence of the staff and keep things in working order while im gone.

Furthermore i would like to state that no one other than staff should be posting on profiles that have not yet been approved , even if your trying to help it can become a problem if this were to continue to happen.

Sorry for being away so much guys its been really rough for me lately , i hope you can forgive me.
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Important Announcement!
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