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 Post order and Ability Per Post Regulations

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PostSubject: Post order and Ability Per Post Regulations   Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:24 am

~Post Order~
When posting in groups you must follow post order which means waiting for others to post before you can post again. You must always follow the post order and await your turn before posting multiple times as it can destroy the Time flow of a RP if people begin to go out of order. For example if people are A , B and C then post order will always be:

So on and so fourth. Until one person exits the post or another joins , Where they join in the post order is where they stay so if D join after A Post order becomes:

And remains in that order until someone else leaves or joins. Post order always remains the same unless it is decided otherwise by ALL of the people within the RP.

Now this brings into the picture that if someone is gone for a long period of time that it can Freeze a RP. So to prevent many of the RP's freezing ill put into effect a few ideas. For non-battle based RP's you must wait a total of 24 hours before posting again. At that time the person is considered missing and the RP can go on without them , they are removed from the posting order untill they make a return post. Once they return they remain in the order that they rejoin in , just as a new person would. Furthermore they decide what happened to their character and are allowed to simply say that their character had parted ways with the group at some point.

As for battle based RP's. A player has 2 days (48 Hours) to respond before the other person may petition the Admin about the result of the battle. THe admin will decide the outcome of the battle based on the current standing of things , or will simply telll the waiting person to continue to wait if possible. Players are not allowed to "Auto Win" just because some hadnt responded within the allotted time.

~Ability Per Post Regulations~
Abilities take time and concentration to perform , this being said im against people being able to spam their entire skill list in a single post , fights are not about who can use the most abilities in one post so much as who can make the best use of their abilities. So from here on out players are allowed to use no more than 2 skills in a single post , the exception to this rule are the "enemies of all" which are pretty much NPC/Boss Characters for you to fight and characters who reach the Third Transformation. At the third Transformation you may use 3 abilities per post but anyone caught abusing this power will quickly have their power stripped away.
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Post order and Ability Per Post Regulations
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