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PostSubject: The Overview   The Overview EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 1:15 pm

The world is divided into 3 separate continents Each of these is controlled by a seperate faction. Most of the other factions in that area are ruled over by that main faction. Some factions however still remain neutral or even rebel against the over ruling faction. The overall tech level of this planet is more midevil with a few modern convinces available.


The largest continent by far. Due to its size it holds several types of climate ranging from grasslands and mountainous areas to arctic snow drifts. The ruling faction here is located near the center of the continent. The faction , Xerat , is the most technologically advanced on the planet. Many of the other factions use their day to day items or have adapted some of their life changing technologies. Many of the other smaller factions work directly with Xerat making its hold on the continent very strong as it followers are extremely loyal , in return the contributing factions receive donations for their generous leader.


The smallest continent. Covered in harsh deserts and tall mountains makes the living here extremly rough and factions constatly fight over good land , position , and some just to fight. The ruling faction "Azure" only holds on by a few strings. Many of the rebel factions have been tearing apart the Azure holds and many of its allies have abandoned it. The second largest nation has been pushing hard to tear Azure from the lands , The nation is known as "Dragons Blood" and has been funding the attacks against their enemy.


This moderate sized continent is covered with large plains and resourceful mountains. The wealthy "Trade Federation" is the largest faction on the continent. However it remains neutral and simply acts as a path of trade between all the other factions. Alot of mercenary factions built up around it because of the income they could generate by protecting the trade routes. Some of the factions were even absorbed into the Trade Federation , increasing its power. Though no one is quite sure about how strong the nation is , due to the fact that it has never fully mobilized for war. However they are known for never missing a delivery , they always get their product to the buyer.

The Unknown Territories

These are areas and groups of islands that little are known about. They can be discovered by players , area's for plot lines and many other things. Little is known about most of the islands and smaller land masses , though there are a few trade ports throughout the ocean that The Trade Federation has established.
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The Overview
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